One Direction - Newcastle

10th November 2015

27th October, Metro Arena, Newcastle 

I confess, I have a double identity: I’m a 25 year old extremely serious History Student from Germany by day and – nope, unfortunately not a super cool crime fighter by night – but rather a massive fan of our most beloved boy band One Direction. Yes, I do follow them on Twitter and Instagram, and yes I do love their music and double yes: I’ve paid a ridiculous amount of money to go to two of their concerts and might have also bought some overpriced merchandise. So you can safely say that the big black 1D-hole swallowed me but I’ve come to the point where I simply don’t care anymore: life is too short to pretend One Direction suck anyway.  

1D’s Newcastle gig started with the most beautiful warm-up-act you can imagine: Jamie Lawson and his guitar. He played some lovely tunes, including his well-known single “Wasn’t expecting that”, an amazing cover of One Direction’s Hit “More than this” and also other exquisitely written gems. Who would have thought that our very special, very weird but much-loved physicist Dr Sheldon Cooper inspired the lyrics for Lawson’s song “The Only Conclusion”: “I think I may have figured out why, finally found the very reason, for all this confusion the only conclusion is love.” – yep, definitively heart-melting material.  

Although he did a great job warming up the crowd – which consisted mostly of very excited teenage girls and also a great amount of very small children and their mums, the screaming was nothing compared to the moment the band finally hit the stage.  As soon as the notes to 1D’s massive tune “Clouds” started to fill up the arena – me and my friends were dancing and singing along. Fantastic opener for a great show!  

While the following song “Kiss you” was a reminder of the more teeny-pop-sound of the first two albums, songs like “Where Do Broken Hearts Go”, “Girl Almighty” or “No Control”, showed that they have developed their own style and might have outgrown that fluffy pop music. Especially when you take a look at those newer lyrics: “Waking up beside you I’m a loaded gun, I can't contain this anymore, I'm all yours, I got no control.” – Well, yeah. Not so fluffy anymore.  

Of course well-known hits like “Steal my Girl”, “Best Song Ever”, “Little Things”, “Story of my life”, the heart-wrenching “You & I” and the inevitable “What makes you beautiful” were a huge success with the audience and wonderfully performed – however, I did enjoy more the ones that were not released as a single. Not only because Niall Horan’s dance-moves to “Better Than Words” are something every One Direction-concert-crowd is waiting to see, but also because songs like “Stockholm Syndrome” show you that there’s more to this band than plain-teenage-pop-music.  

Besides 1D’s banter and funny interactions with the crowd (Harry Styles impersonated two 18-year old girls and it was simply hilarious), the tracks from their upcoming Album “Drag me down” and “Perfect” were breath taking, everything was perfect and the whole experience certainly dragged me down. All in all it was simply an amazing two-hour concert, I was in a constant state between euphoria and agony – something that every One Direction Fan easily understands – really … “I don’t know how else to sum it up, ‘cause words ain’t good enough”, it certainly was “better than words”.

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