Soham De - Ghost

10th November 2015

Ghost - Debut Album review

Singer-songwriter Soham De popped in last week to play us a very special live session featuring songs from his recently released debut album. As Ghost winds through its gentle acoustic-folk course, De delivers highly personal and reflective lyrics.

While tracks such as ‘Who I Am to Be’, certainly echo Ben Howard’s fingerpicked melodies, the effortless and gorgeous vocals are more tender, restrained, and faltering at points. The result is a smoother, soft and bare, almost exposed sound, thematically dealing with nature, nostalgia and self-discovery.

Songs like ‘Abigail’ are given a sombre build-up, before the rhythm and mood play out into familiar upbeat and dynamic territory, while the rippling, textured broken chords of ‘House Made of Bones’ presents to us a desolate recall of the album title, and contemplates recurrent themes of the passing of time and the ensuing change of identity. Finishing on the rather lovely ‘Welcome Home’, the tracks blend seamlessly into a cohesive whole. Ghost is an accomplished and confident first album and we look forward to the next one.

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