VANT - Middlesbrough

28th November 2015

Middlesbrough - 11th November 2015

The moment I entered the venue in Middlesbrough – way too early by the way – good old Indie-Rock was playing in the background: I immediately knew I had come to the right place. Not long after my arrival, I was greeted by three-quarters of the band in question: VANT. And if you haven’t heard of that name yet – write it down and start listening to their music ASAP – because these guys make some really good tunes! (And I don’t just say that because they offered me pizza). You can check out the interview on our website, but for now, let me talk about the awesome gig that followed.

It started a little late but nonetheless it definitely was worth the wait. After the warm up, VANT entered the stage and immediately hit it off with their massive tune ‘The Answer’. They delivered a perfect garage-Rock sound that reminded me of early 2000 Punk-Rock music, but always with their own distinct sound mixed into it.

One of the most important things about this band – apart from their awesome music – is that their lyrics are something to take a closer look at. I am totally in love with this bit of their song ‘Parasite’:

“When everybody's gone baby, I'll still be here,

You can map the constellations with my own atmosphere,

I'm ninety of a hundred, I am love, I am fear,

I'm a prophet, I'm a sailor, I'm a judge, I'm a queer.” – that’s something, right?

Apart from those exquisitely written words, VANT don’t hesitate to address important political and cultural issues: ‘The Answer’, for example, deals with events happening in Afghanistan and Syria and Great Britain’s role in these global military activities. ‘Birth Certificate’ concentrates on the craziness of immigration laws. And the fact that they manage to incorporate these things into some really good music pieces, definitively says something about the quality of the band.

All in all their style is quite unique: It varies from wonderful guitar-solos to straight-to-the-point Punk-Rock, incorporates grungey-elements and even psychedelic tunes. Mattie Vant – the lead singer’s rock-voice fits perfectly into all these variation – at some point he even used a little bit of recitative to spice up the whole musical experience. 

When the last song, the well-known ‘Parking Lot’, started, the crowd went wild. Understandably! It has got huge support from Annie Mac and Zane Lowe and for me, it is without question one of the best songs of 2015. ‘Parking Lot’ has a message, good lyrics and most importantly a very catchy melody with distinctive stop-start-riffs that certainly get your attention. It’s just one of those songs that you simply cannot forget – and you don’t want to either.

This concert gave a perfectly good taste of what to expect from their debut album – and it left me definitely more than excited for its release.

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