Under the Track - Formation

26th December 2015

Under the Tracts by Formation


The London group Formation released an EP on the 20th of November, “Under the Tracks”. The band, 

formed by Will and Matt Ritson, along with Jonny Tams, Sasha Lewis and Kai Akinde-Hummel, has

been supporting Foals on their European tour in September this year.

The album contains four songs, including the trance-like song, “Control”, and the more upbeat

“Under The Tracks”. The songs are quite repetitive, as the melody and vocals do not develop in a

dramatic way, over time. Overall, the four songs are quite simplistic and an easy listen.

However, the track “All The Rest Is Noise” redeems the EP. As one of the most cheery songs on the

EP, it has bright and melodious chorus. The chorus itself is reminiscent of summer nights and very

nostalgic- especially as we approach the end of December. If you are yearning for the sun,

definitely put it on your playlist.

Their new album is set to be released in 2016, so look out for it, because few songs might be worth a


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