JAWS - Interview and Review

5th December 2015

Jaws - Newcastle - 27 November 2015

It all started like a typical, rainy Friday evening in Newcastle – except for the fact that this time, we had a reason to be there: the JAWS were playing that night. While queuing in the rain along with super excited indie kids, their enthusiasm rubbed off on us as well. Think Tank had already got fairly busy during the opening band, so we settled down with a few beers and listened to their rock-ish, 1975-like music from the stairs, by the Insta-famous ‘What the F*** Have You Done?’ sign.


Around 9 pm, it was finally JAWS time. As Connor and Eddy told us in the interview, they had already played in Newcastle 3 times, in Think Tank each time. They were indeed familiar with the place and seemed absolutely comfortable on stage. As soon as they picked up their guitars, the crowd went mad. The gig had a genuinely cheerful, catchy atmosphere and the friendly but energetic pogo didn’t stop until the very end of the show. The guys immediately bonded with the audience of teenage edgy boys and girls.

Of course, songs such as ‘Stay In’ or ‘Gold’ made the crowd sing as one: they knew almost all their songs by heart anyway.


It was surprising to see how professional and confident the band was despite their young age. From the perspective of the crowd, the absence of Jake, the bass guitarist who quitted the band this year, couldn’t be noticed.  Overall we had a lovely night – we brought back to Durham a bit of that free, relaxed and cheerful vibe that surely helped us getting over the end-of-term summative sadness.

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