The Wombats: Interview and Gig Review

25th April 2015


In a break from tradition, Ashley and Sophie recruited some new members from the corridor to help out as we headed to O2 academy Newcastle on the 19th April 2015 to see the amazing Wombats.

Luckily Graham, James and Rory were kind enough to spare precious revision time answering a few of our questions about the gig.


What did you guys think of the venue?

Rory: I couldn’t believe size of the queue already at 4pm as we headed down to Gotham for a few cheeky pre gig bevs.

Graham: Yeah, I’ve been to quite a few gigs at the O2 before and I’ve never seen it that busy that early.

James: I know, even before the supporting acts (Company and Dalia) came on it was packed. There was no room for my normal manoeuvring tactics.

Graham: Yeah, it was so hot inside. I think I speak for everyone when I say I was really happy to have a bit of air con.


What were the vibes like?

Graham: Everyone was going crazy right from the beginning.

Rory: Yeah, the lead Singer from Dalia seemed pretty shocked at the crowd’s reaction to their set.

Graham: You could tell we were all anticipating the wombats as any movement on stage, even the sound guy, made us all start chanting.

James: Yeah, the sound guy must have felt like the most important guy in the world.


What was it like when they finally hit the stage?

James: At the first note of ‘Your Body is a Weapon’, the crowd went ‘Boomf’

Rory: Worming your way to the front suddenly became quite easy because everyone just started jumping like idiots. We immediately lost you guys as you were knocked around like pin balls.


Everything was going perfectly until…

Graham: Sophie lost both shoes until we saw it flying through the air to the front of the crowd. Your feet were pretty bruised by the end.

James: Haha yeah and when Ashley was punched in the face by the ringleader of the moshers…not ideal.


We really enjoyed Backfire at the Disco. What track from the night stood out for you?

Graham: I’ve seen them live before so I really wanted to hear the sound of their new album. ‘Greek Tragedy’ was my fav though.

Rory: Definitely ‘Tokyo (Vampires and Wolves)’q

James: Their last track of the night ‘Let’s Dance to Joy Division’ was the best one to finish on. It left us all buzzin’.


Would you go see them again?

Graham: Yes course I would. Had a great time both time I’ve seen them.

James: Yeah, but next time I’ll take shin pads, a hardhat and pepper spray for the 12 year olds.

Rory: Yes, I’d go back to see them immediately.


If you trust Rory, James and Graham, you can catch the Wombats on the next stretch of their tour, which includes Reading and Leeds Festival, T in the Park and Moscow (if you are feeling adventurous).





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