Jeff Lynne's ELO - Alone in the Universe

13th January 2016

For those looking to relive the magic of songs such as Mr Blue Sky and Evil Woman I suggest sticking to the originals.

Jeff Lyne’s ELO’s new album titled Alone in the Universe, their first in 14 years, is overall an underwhelming affair. As someone who has only ever heard their big hits, I came to the record not really knowing what to expect. However, what I found was an album that will probably only appeal to existing fans of the group.

Some tracks are better than others, the first track on the album ‘When I Was a Boy’ seems to set a tone of what could be a great album. However, apart from the odd exception such as ‘Dirty to the Bone’, the rest of the songs on the album seem to merge together and I’d struggle to pick them out if they came on the radio. That said, I’m sure this album will be a treat for the long-time ELO fans as Jeff Lyne’s voice is still strong and is sounding like there hasn’t been anytime since ELO were achieving global success.

The one really important factor that I question is where were the sweeping strings? Where was the orchestra that makes up their name?

I have fond memories of being in my Dad’s car, driving along a country road, with the windows down, with a big smile on my face, belting out the words of Mr Blue Sky, feeling a little bit of magic from what ELO had produced. This album however does not evoke the same feeling, and if at that point in my Dad’s car he had put this album on, I probably would have asked him to change the song.

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