Spring King - Interview

26th October 2016

Spring King - 12th October 2016, O2 Academy Newcastle

Spring King are an indie band based in Manchester with singer and drummer Tarek Musa, guitarists Pete Darlington and Andy Morton and bassist James Green.

How is touring going at the moment?

James: It’s been a pleasure so far.

Tarek: It’s our third day, we played in Glasgow last night and Edinburgh the night before and we had a stage invasion last night!

James: It was a bit too mad really – we ended up being the barrier like a human shield for Tarek’s drum kit.

Andy: James was like a Spartan warrior defending it, it was amazing.

James: Yeah and Pete ran off!

Pete: I ran into the space the crowd left behind. Anyway the tour’s been good, we’ve got Magic Gang and Get Inuit on tour with us – both great bands so it’s been really fun.

Tarek: On a couple of the other dates we’ve got The Big Moon and Cagoule as well so we’ve mixed it up a bit and they’re all amazing bands.

James: They’re all lovely as well – we’re very lucky boys!

What music are you listening to right now?

Tarek: I’m listening to a lot of old stuff like The Clash, and I always listen to 60’s music as well like The Beach Boys. In terms of new stuff, I’m listening to a band called Twin Peaks and also Hinds a little bit too.

Pete: I’ve been listening to Slipknot a lot lately.

Andy: Yeah we’re having a resurgence of metal.

James: You mean you guys have had a resurgence of metal!

Pete: When I was younger I used to listen to a lot of heavier stuff and I just kind of let it go for a while, but now for some reason – I think Andy’s inspired me a little bit – I’ve been in the back of the van freaking out and listening to heavy stuff.

James: I’ve listened to a lot of the last Skepta album.

How long have you known each other and how did you meet?

Pete: I’ve known Tarek since I was about thirteen in high school, and he met Andy at a skate park a couple of years later when they were maybe fifteen.

Andy: It’s been easily twelve or thirteen years.

Pete: And we met James on Facebook - we put an ad out through a promoter in Manchester and James replied and we thought he looked quite handsome.

Tarek: James looked the tamest out of all of the pictures!

Pete: Yeah he looked like a nice guy so we thought we’d give him a shot.

James: Yeah look at me now!

Pete: He’s even more beautiful now than he was then.

James: Thank you, mate.

Do you have a particular song-writing approach?

Tarek: With the previous stuff it’s been mostly that I bring a song to the table and then we record it altogether as much as possible, but we don’t really have a set-in-stone way. I think in the future it’s just going to be everyone bringing their own songs and writing together, and at some point James will write ten songs, Pete’s going to write ten, Andy’s going to write ten and we’ll put out a four vinyl album or something!

James: Maybe a soul album or something, a bit like Yo La Tengo but not Yo La Tengo - we’re not going to rip them off or anything!

Where did the inspiration for your new single “Detroit” come from?

Tarek: My ex-girlfriend is from Detroit and it was about going over there and having the experience of being in Detroit which was quite surreal as it’s a contrasting city and really diverse. The song’s just about long-distance relationships – it’s pretty sloppy really. Soppy!

James: But the recording is tight! Sorry...

Tarek: So that’s why the video is a dating show and it’s about meeting someone and trying out new things – Pete, didn’t you?

Pete: Just trying new approaches to life, you know...

What would you guys be doing if it wasn’t for the band?

Pete: I was working in a bakery before the band and I was also working in the bakery while in the band, so I’d probably be making croissants somewhere.

Tarek: What was your job role Andy?!

Andy: Well I used to be a document controller, which is a fancy word for photocopying stuff. But if I wasn’t doing this I’d like to think I could be a marine biologist, either that or some sort of games designer - that would be amazing.

James: I’d probably be in another band!

Tarek: But if you couldn’t do music?

James: Be a DJ? I don’t know, I’m young! I’ve hit all my aspirations! I I used to work in insurance but I don’t really want to work in insurance. I’d like to read books, just sit at home and read books.

Tarek: I’d like to be a lifeguard.

Andy: I can just see you in a little red thing!

James: Like on Baywatch!

Tarek: I’d save people’s lives at a shopping centre or something - “No swimming in there, there’s no water in there!” Or I think I’d be a surf instructor. If I could surf.

James: I really need to think because this isn’t going to last forever. I was having an existential crisis anyway.

So what’s next for Spring King?

Pete: We have about six days off after this tour and then we’re in America for three weeks, so we’re touring for the next six or seven weeks really – we’ve been on tour for probably about a year now. There are a few demos knocking around and we’re thinking about the next record, but we don’t really have the opportunity to do anything with those at the moment. I kind of want to spend Christmas away from all of you lot!

Tarek: And then in the New Year we’re supporting the Kaiser Chiefs on their arena tour and then a few dates with Cage The Elephant which should be fun and I’m sure other tours will come up – we love supporting other bands.

James: We’ll hopefully go to a rehearsal room in January and start bashing some stuff out. It will be nice to start working with some new material, the album has been out for nearly four months now but it’s obviously still amazing!

Tarek: Most bands don’t put albums out for two years at a time or something.

James: We need to break the mould. Hashtag we don’t even have the time to break the mould. But we’ll see!

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