Pixx and Daughter - Newcastle

5th February 2016

Pixx and Daughter Gig review

Newcastle, 25 January, O2 Academy


Perhaps, missing the train to Newcastle wasn’t the best way to start our evening. Luckily, the gig didn’t start until 9pm, so we still had plenty of time to spot and socialize with fellow Durham students and to buy unexpectedly overpriced beers inside the venue.


Around 8pm, a lovely-looking, extremely thin and stylish girl appeared on stage. Then, she started singing  and…moving. Immediately, everyone stopped talking and turned to the stage. Even though she was tiny, her voice and unique way of dancing made her interesting enough to pay attention. Personally, I had no idea who she was, but some of my friends seemed to recognise her – I soon learnt that her name was Pixx, and that she was only 19 – that explains the shyness of her performance. She writes her own songs and I must say, she is extremely talented. Her music sounds like a mix of Daugther and MØ with a psychedelic twist. My personal favourite song was ‘Flee’. Definitely worth listening to it, especially if you are in a dreamy mood, like myself for 90% of the day.  


Pixx created the perfect basis for Daughter’s arrival on stage. The singer of the band, Elena Tonra welcomed the audience. It was surprising to see her talking, she was quite shy too (in a cute way, of course). However, when she started to sing, her voice became much more confident and emotional. Thanks to the high quality sound amplification system, the instruments sounded clear and professional which made the gig even more enjoyable. The crowd became one with the music and this created a magical atmosphere. They played many of their new songs from their recently released album, Not to Disappear, such as Number and No Care. Towards the end of the concert, we finally heard the chords of the song that we had all been waiting for: Youth. It was incredibly beautiful live, full of emotions. We all sang along; for me, this was the first time I actually paid attention to the message of the song, this might be sad but true. Never too late though.


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