Saint Raymond - York

5th February 2016

Saint Raymond – 17th of November, The Duchess, York


Before I get down to business and start talking about the awesomeness that was Saint Raymond’s gig in York, let me just do a little bit of rambling about one of the opening acts that night. Shannon Saunders kicked off this marvellous concert-evening, and boy – she was good! Her voice sounded beautiful, her lyrics seemed so sincere, yet simple, and her stories fitted perfectly into the delicate synth pop she played. If you haven’t had a chance to check out this young artist, who started out as a YouTuber and also wrote a song for Disney’s “Tangled”, I would strongly recommend you to do so! And if you ever have the chance to catch one of her performances live – GO!  

After that promising start, the main act of the night certainly did not disappoint. Saint Raymond opened his concert with the song “Letting go” from his album “Young Blood” which was released in the summer of 2015. The fact that the venue was comparatively small lead to an immediate connection between the artist and the crowd. Everyone sang along with him enthusiastically, especially when he struck up the next two songs “Everything She Wants” and the fantastic “I want you” - which is just one of those tunes that invites you to recklessly belt out its lyrics!

The first real surprise for the excited audience was Saint Raymond’s cover of Major Lazor and Mø’s “Lean On”. After playing these rather energetic songs, his band took a step back, leaving the singer alone on stage – simply with the guitar in his hand. The songs that followed were the quieter ones of the album and I gladly admit that I got goose bumps when he started singing the awesome “Movie in my mind”. The song tells the story of two lovers who are struggling to be together but still try to work it out somehow because they obviously can’t live without each other – and it does this in the most beautiful way that you can imagine: “You're the words on my tongue to my favourite song, you're the first and the last oh when all's said and done. You're the movie in my mind to which I know every line. In all these things I do, all I see is you.” Lovely, isn’t it?

The songs that followed afterwards were a bit more upbeat again, for example “Ghosts”, which was yet another hit for the audience. He even teased the crowd with a new song – “We are fire” – that he had written just recently and it definitely left everyone yearning for a new album as soon as possible. All in all, the whole night provided everything a perfect concert experience should do: a little escape from reality and an overall good feeling.

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