Clean Cut Kid - Gig Review and Interview

2nd March 2016

Clean cut kid- 28th February 2016, Think Tank, Newcastle


Local band Dalaro were tasked with starting the night off; they brought with them a really fun vibe which set a nice mood for the rest of the gig. With the exception of a few technical difficulties, the performance went smoothly, and if things don’t work out for them musically, judging by how smoothly the lead singer eased the crowd through the silence, he could always try a career in stand-up comedy.

Next up was Clean Cut Kid, sadly only for a half hour set, as they were only the supporting-act for Fickle Friends. The Liverpool four-piece, consisting of husband and wife Mike (Guitar and vocals) and Evelyn (synth and vocals), with the addition of Saul on bass, and Ross on drums have an onstage presence that brings their pop tunes to life, and refuses to let you watch without at least tapping a foot along. Opening with their single “Runaway”, there was a lot of support among the crowd, as Evelyn jovially remarked “Thanks Mum” amid the abundance of cheers; but it soon became evident that she was only half-joking as Mike introduced “Make believe”- a song about a failing relationship — accompanied by a testament to his mother- and father-in-law, that they had nothing to worry about. The crowd simply loved them.

“Brother of mine” was a personal favourite — complete with a dazzling guitar solo from frontman Mike. that stunned even the rowdiest of crowds into silent disbelief even if just for a second. Although this single is currently unavailable on Spotify, you can listen to it as part of their Radio 1 session with Huw Stephens from last July. Evidently, the station is a fan of theirs, as they were recently invited back at the end of January for an impressive Live-Lounge performance, consisting of a cover of the late great Bowie’s “Ashes to Ashes”, as well as “Stiches” by Shawn Mendes. It was an extraordinary performance indeed, especially considering they apparently had to learn the song in just one day after a last minute change.

Clean Cut Kid ended their set on a fitting high, as they blasted out their most popular tune, “Vitamin C”, before joining the rest of the crowd to watch their mates, Fickle Friends. Sadly, with it being a Sunday and the last train calling us back to Durham, we didn’t get a chance to see much of the main act. Luckily for us, however, they opened up the set with most popular hit “Say no more” which went down a treat, even if a large section of the crowd consisting of Clean Cut Kid’s family and friends had rushed away to tell them what a great job they had done.

All in all it was an uplifting night. Not only were the band a delight to talk to, but it’s just so refreshing to hear a band who are able to merge positive pop beats with meaningful lyrics. This band’s future looks as though it’s set to be as bright as their outlook.

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