Beach Baby - Review and Interview

22nd April 2016

Beach Baby- 2nd March 2016, Think Tank, Newcastle

As I arrived early at the venue there were already many fans queuing outside – young though they may have been. This doesn’t so often happen at such small venues as Think Tank, so I anticipated an exciting show to follow.

Beach Baby opened with their most recent single “Sleeperhead” and followed with “No Mind No Money” as well as playing some of their slightly more known songs “Ladybird” and “Limousine”.  Whilst the band did a good job of replicating their recorded songs live, this seemed somewhat a vice as well as a virtue; they failed to bring the zest and excitement of a live show that can really bring music to life when done well.

Despite the youthful audience’s enthusiasm, the venue only seemed to become truly energetic once main act Sundara Karma took to stage. I can’t help but feel like Beach Baby have spent too long behind closed doors trying to perfect their sound. Their musical talent surely surpasses their lyrics, showcased by a culmination of instrumental chaos of the best kind. However, whilst their sound may be well polished, it fails to fully engage with the audience.

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