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22nd April 2016

Let’s talk about…


Hello you lovely fellow-music-nerds, you dedicated people who take their time to have a look at this wonderful Blog of Music – you are in for a treat! If you are looking for a new band to listen to, I strongly recommend taking a closer look at these three talented guys who call themselves ALXNDR. They released their Debut-EP “RWND” in November 2015 and besides the fact that they don’t seem to be entirely keen on the usage of vowels, their record is certainly a very, very promising piece of work.

The tunes embrace a floating indie-pop-sound which makes their songs resemble a wonderful, musical vacation. “Drive” literally takes you on a journey (the underlying synth-sounds immediately made me think of a road-trip through the Italian Riviera) and the way the lead singer beautifully accentuates “I wish I could stay but I’m too cruel” is just the icing on this cake of exquisite music.  

My personal favourite from this EP is probably “Four A.M.” – admittedly, part of the reason why I love the song so much being the awesome music-video and the infamous pink phone that is featured in it. The whole concept has my 90s-loving heart beating very fast (as has the lead-singer, who looks a bit like a gorgeous mixture between an adolescent Johnny Depp and the “Titanic”-Leonardo DiCaprio).
And indeed, ALXNDR’s sound does have a certain 80s, 90s vibe to it, but there are little elements in their riffs and melodies, and in the way they construct and word their lyrics, which make their tunes still feel very “today”. Nonetheless, I can almost see songs like “You & Me” or “Something New” featured on the soundtrack of some classic 90s movie, such as “Clueless”. Just imagine a young Paul Rudd and Alicia Silverstone a.k.a. Cher, driving in a car through the streets at night, singing along to “If it’s not love then what are we?… you give me something new, Oh Darling you don’t know what you do, but you give me something new!” (insert a collective “awww” here).

I just can’t wait to hear more from them and if you want to check ALXNDR out live – you’ll have your chance pretty soon: they are coming to the O2 Academy in Newcastle on the 22nd of April! I am definitely going to be there and I am very excited to have a chat with those lovely lads!

See you there!

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