Wolf Alice - Manchester - Review and Interview

22nd April 2016

Wolf Alice- 10th March 2016, Manchester Academy, Manchester


The whopping 17-song-set that Wolf Alice indulged fans with at Manchester Academy stood as an asset to their genre-spanning sound. With a unique ability to move seamlessly across both style and tempo, the band had fans dripping with sweat tinged with frivolity during “Bros” one minute, and in silent awe the next as “90 Mile Beach” was played. The fact that Wolf Alice chose to play this song, as well as quite a few others off of their older Blush EP, such as “She” and the title track, stands as a further testament of the band’s commitment to their fans. Despite drummer Joel’s admission during our interview that Ellie (Roswell, lead singer and guitarist) would probably rather forget these songs, they continue to listen to their fans, knowing that these are among the favourites.

Having received the impressive and seemingly overnight critical success that Wolf Alice have (NME Best Live Band & Best Track, iTunes Best New Band to name just a few), it might seem easy to underestimate just how hard they worked to get here. However, their tactic of relentless touring that gained them their cult fan base in the first place, is never more evident than when they perform. Such a smooth performance and commanding on stage presence takes a lot of practice and their dedication has clearly paid off.

There was almost a sense of pride in the air among gig goers, as they seemed to appreciate just how far the band have come in the short few months since the tickets were initially released. No doubt they were aware that seeing a band with such great potential perform at a relatively small venue such as this was a rare opportunity, as it will probably be one of the last times they do so.

There was a definite sense of camaraderie in the air as the band truly delivered, indulging fans with “Your Loves Whore” as well as “Freazy” and “You’re a germ”. No doubt that the hype among this band will continue to grow; not only due to their genuine talent but also because of the world they invite you into, with their music that allows you to introspect, but also know when to just let go and have a fun time.

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