Superfood Interview + Gig Review

12th October 2017

Superfood - Think Tank?, Newcastle - 09/10/2017

Before Superfood took to the stage when young, an exciting new trio originally from Ireland (now based in London) warmed up the crowd with their catchy indie rock, definately one to follow for the future. From the moment Superfood emerged it was obvious, however, that the crowd had been holding back their energy for the main event. Opening with new cut "Where's the Bass Amp?" the band raised the energy in the room and didn't let it drop saved for a stripped back intro to 'Right On Satellite". While the set was mostly made up with track from their new album 'Bambino' the few tracks from the bands debut that were played were among the set's highlight. After a brief interlude after Dom's guitar broke the band finished off the set with singles 'Unstoppable', a song the band said was written for small venues just like Think Thank?, and 'I Can't See' which perfectly ended the evening with a big sing along. Having started a fresh with 'Bambino', this show proved that Superfood have the chops to get big in the long run. They seem like a band somehow perfectly suited to both big festival perfomances and small intimate shows like this.

Ed caught up with Dom from Superfood before their Newcastle show to chat touring, their excellent new album 'Bambino', and the most important question...Noel or Liam?



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