Wretch 32 - FR32 - Album of the Week

24th October 2017

British hip hop artist Wretch 32 dropped a new album last week, “FR32”, the fourth in his collection. While he released two albums in 2015 and 2016, “Young Fire, Old Flame” and “Growing Over Life”, these flew mostly under the radar of the popular music scene, his last largely popular album, “Black and white” coming out in 2011. This left an opportunity for him to make a big splash with this new album which has quickly shot up the charts at number 3 this week, with collaboration with artists such as Kojo Funds and J Warner.

In his previous album “Growing Over Life” we see a more sombre theme, reflecting the death of a much-loved friend Richard Antwi in January of last year. However, with FR32 he has revealed a fierce new energy that has had nothing but positive comments from his fans. We have seen across his music presence of strong, powerful lyrics with deep meaning that speak of his personal experiences put many others’ into words, “His and Hers” particularly have this effect. His most popular song from the album is no doubt “Tell Me”, immediately becoming one of the most popular songs he's ever released behind “Traktor” and “Don't Go”.

Check out the video for “Tell Me” below!



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