Reputation - Taylor Swift - New album

15th November 2017

Taylor Swift fans all over the world were in for a shock when in late August this year she released her new single “Look what you made me do”, an uncharacteristically dark song that clapped back at the critics that have been mocking her for years. Long gone is the young, sweet country singer from her earliest albums, Tim McGraw and Fearless, and in comes a violent and aggressive diva who is will gladly shame her opponents and media haters if they get it her way. It’s an empowering message for sure, but critics have not been so quick to applaud Swift’s bold attempt at facing her enemies, some going as far as to call her songs “petty” and credits the sheer anticipation of the album for its success. The reasoning behind the album aside though, the impact of Taylor’s sixth album has been immediate and immense. The album sold a over a million copies in its first week and is already the top selling album of 2017.

With reputation, we see Swift fully embrace this techno-pop style, making 1989 seem like just a pit stop on her way to a new genre. While the album certainly has some unmemorable tracks amongst its 15 songs, others, like "Call It What You Want” have been very well received by critics and fans alike, rising to the top of the charts with 68,000 downloads sold by the 9th of november. Swift’s collaboration with other successful producers such as Jack Antonoff (FUN) in the album is also what makes it special. The song “Getaway Car” is a perfect example of this, reminding us slightly of “Out of the woods”, it is a dramatic and entertaining track.


Listen to her new song "Call it what you want" below!

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