Sigrid - New Artist of the WeeK

17th November 2017

Norwegian singer and songwriter, Sigrid Raabe recently jumped to international popularity thanks to her song “Don’t Kill my vibe” that was released in March of this year. While at first glance she may seem like just another scandinavian soprano pop artist, but with an angelic edge to her powerful revenge lyrics, she is set apart from the crowd as an approachable 21 year old who is just dipping her toe in the music industry. Her synth-pop sound is surprisingly catchy and the message behind her words rings with girl power, something we just can’t seem to get enough of these days.

Somewhere, the music producers of Sigrid’s past must be kicking themselves as her song calls them out for treating her condescendingly, “Like a child”, and shutting down her ideas in a meeting years before. Her response? Writing an amazing retaliation song that rose within the top 100 in the UK, the top 50 in Norway and the top 5 in New zealand. Perhaps the most poignant lyric that we hear is, “You think you’re so important to me, don’t you?”. She speaks for all those who have ever been talking down to or told they weren’t good enough, and so it’s no wonder she has rose to such success.

In July this year we saw her amazing songwriting skills yet again with another upbeat number, “Plot twist”, complemented with another fantastic music video. Perhaps it is this that makes her character so relatable, in the videos we see just a girl-next-door type, makeupless, raw, dancing with her friends. Its apparent that she loves what she does and has an amazing time making her music, it’s an inspiring message of hope for any young girl trying to make it in the business and adds a level of realness to her songs.  


Listen to “Don’t Kill My Vibe” Below!


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