The Killers - Gig Review - 10/11/17

17th November 2017

The Killers – Metro Arena Newcastle, November 10th

For the majority of Newcastle gigs I’ve been to the crowd has tended to be largely made up of twenty somethings and teenagers so, while I knew The Killer’s crowd would be slightly older, I didn’t expect to feel very much in a younger minority at the gig. As it turned out, I did. You could put this down to the £65 price tag (face value at least) for tickets, though they turned out to be value for money, yet really it has to do with the phenomenal cross generational appeal the Killers have. Their slick up date of eighties musical stylings refusing to become dated.

Warming up for the Killers was Austrailian singer-songwriter Alex Cameron. Although his set started slowly by the end, when he brought out his best songs, most of the crowd were beginning to get into it. Part of this had to do with Cameron’s energy, you could see he was excited to be playing such a big gig, recounting a story of how Brandon Flower’s messaged him to offer him a place on a tour when they were playing shows to only 4 people.

The Killers started in equally slow fashion with ‘Wonderful Wonderful’ providing a bit of a false start to the set. However, as soon as recent single ‘The Man’ kicked in the crowd’s energy rose and never really let up. Tracks from the new album flowed well with their older material. In a way it was mostly a greatest hits sets as, apart from the new stuff, almost all the other songs were singles from previous albums. Another notable exception being a lovely acoustic cover of the Dire Strait’s song ‘Romeo and Juliet’ played at the end of ‘A Dustland Fairytale’, the first time the band has played the cover since 2012. After ending the main set with the chant inducing ‘All These Things That I’ve Done’ the band returned for a 3-song encore of ‘Shot at the Night’, ‘When You Were Young’ and ‘Mr. Brightside’. These were the perfect finish and ones that really summed up the band the most . They give the crowd what it wants and throw in a few surprises. But with the catalogue of hits the band has, who is really going to complain about that?

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