Gingerlys - New artist of the Week

27th November 2017

Brooklyn-based 5-piece indie band “Gingerlys” is quickly rising in popularity with their new single “Turtledoves” for Top Shelf Records, an upbeat and catchy pop number that you can’t help but love. Lead singer Jackie Mendoza’s voice soars above the backing rock guitar in the most beautiful way, and the song is tinged with nostalgia. She has been compared to The Pastels’ Katrina Mitchell, though her voice remains uniquely her own. As the band said in an interview with Fader online magazine, "Turtledoves" is about "the struggle of wanting to realize one's creative dreams at the expense of living a traditionally comfortable life”. The band themselves became familiar with this feeling, after it taking nearly 4 years to complete the song. They say good things come to those who wait, and it’s safe to say this number is a perfect example of this.

Before Turtledoves, Gingerlys has released several new tracks on their album “Jump Rope”, all with the same whimsical yet buoyant sound. Tracks like, “Summer Cramps” and “Set you off” deserve to be played in the sunshine surrounded by friends and have a feel-good attitude that’s contagious. It’s safe to say that any of their songs from old and new albums alike warrant a listen if you’re even half as interested in Indie-pop as I am!

Listen to their new track “Turtledoves” below!


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