Morrissey - Low In High School - New Album of the Week

27th November 2017

After shooting to stardom with the Smith’s as their iconic frontman of the 80s, Morrissey easily gained cult following for the eerie and effortlessly cool vibe of their albums. His new album was released just this year in the month of November, receiving wide ranging disapproval from both fans and critics alike, some going as far to call the whole album a ‘pit-stop’ in his career rather than having any other purpose. Putting this criticism behind, which for the most part is motivated as a personal attack on Morrissey himself, the ominous mood has been utilised by Morrissey because he does know what he is doing and has stuck with the style of music he brought to world fame in the 80s - an alternative and smooth indie rock sound - and for many of his fans this works.

Despite this the album has received a lot of attention, for good or for bad, and songs such as ‘Spent the Day in Bed’ have very intriguing political undertones that catch the listener by surprise. Morrissey tells the audience to ‘Stop watching the news! Because the news contrives to frighten you’ portraying personal views that modern news stories serve to instil fear more than anything - just one of many political messages he dots around the album. Nevertheless, Low in High School was very successful reaching number 5 on the UK iTunes charts on its release date. You will have to decide for yourself how much you enjoy the album, being a very divisive character it may be hard to choose.

Listen to his new song "Spent the day in Bed" below!


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