Tom Misch - New Artist of the Week

28th November 2017

Cool, relaxing with a hint of funk. That’s how you would instantly describe Tom Misch’s musical creations. Relatively unknown in the music industry Misch has a way with funk beats and smooth acoustics, combining simplistic beats with basic melodies it provides a fashionable balance between calm and nostalgic. Songs like ‘Home’ are purely soothing instrumental tracks which act to contrast with the toe-tapping ‘Falafel’ and ‘Wake Up This Day’ all from his second album ‘Beat Tape 2’ which was released 2 years ago.

Having not produced much music recently until the arrival of his 2017 single ‘Movie’, Misch’s style definitely has not gone out of fashion - effortlessly cool never does, does it? Interestingly, despite being able to sing as Misch has shown his audiences, he seldom chooses to include his own voice on much of his music often turning to other artists of similar prominence in the industry to accompany him in collaborative songs - working with artists like Carmody multiple times, with whom his voice blends beautifully in songs like ‘So Close’. Many of his works look to common musical themes like love, or the ways in which it is lost, and nostalgia, something we can all relate to. Perhaps most importantly to you, the chilled out vibes of his work are perfect for any study playlist, so go check them out and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Check out his new song ‘Movie’ below!


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