Hardy Caprio - New Artist

5th November 2017

Croydon-born rapper Hardy Caprio first came to our attention way back in September 2015 and has been making waves on the rap scene ever since. In 2016, he and Danny Seth were named one of the "5 UK Rappers To Look Out For" by Trapped Magazine.

His fast rise to fame came with his hit, "SBTV Warm Up Session," with over 70,000 views on YouTube. He's also known for tracks "Soundbwoy" and "Soundbwoy 2.”, and more recently “Unsigned” which is now number six in the UK top 30 indie singles chart. “Unsigned” marked another collaboration with artist One Acen who Caprio worked with earlier this year in his single “Rollin”.

 Check out his new song "Unsigned" below!


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