21 Savage/Offset/Metro Boomin - Without Warning - Album of the Week

6th November 2017

With two fantastic rappers, (21 Savage, Offset) and an extremely talented producer (Metro Boomin), “Without Warning” had the perfect recipe for greatness. Released on Halloween, a devilish and perfectly balanced album, complete with cackling, eerie howling winds, jump-scares, skeletons, goblins, phantoms and more. This is not the first time that 21 Savage and Metro Boomin have joined together to create a comic yet murderous album as showed in their mixtape “Savage Mode” from 2016, now serving as a bloody precedent for “Without Warning”. While 21 Savage and Offset may have seemed odd choices, their rap styles being so different, in this album we see them complement each other and give the music an excellent full sounds, Offset filling in the gaps of 21’s slow and emotionless words.

One of their particularly popular songs “Ghostface Killers” begins with a series of haunting notes that sound like an opening to your favourite horror film, like they should be playing on a organ in a old abandoned manor. We then hear the rap come in and suddenly the ghoulish tone becomes even more sinister and foreboding. It’s no wonder that it the highest rated song in the mixtape. The album itself has charted in nine countries since its release including the United Kingdom, United States, Germanic, France, Italy, Canada and more. Its highest position in the UK was 13th on 01 Nov 2017 and it keeps climbing.

Check out the song “Ghostface Killers” below!


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