15th April 2017


The Big Moon have sometimes been compared to other all girl bands, such as HAIM and Hinds; however, their show at Rough Trade East on 7th April proved that they are so much more than another all girl group and that they are truly a force to be reckoned with. Their set featured songs from their debut album ‘Love in the 4th Dimension’, which was released that day. From the first note of the first song ‘Silent Movie Susie’, the intense energy and chemistry between the band members was apparent. The excitement was apparent not only from the crowd, but also from the band, with lead singer and guitarist Jules Jackson exclaiming ‘We released an album today!’

 Taking few breaks between songs, with one short break to change guitars after one of the strings broke on Jackson’s guitar, the band raced through bona fide hits, such as ‘The Road’, ‘Pull the Other One’ and the devilishly catchy ‘Cupid’ (a personal favourite of mine). The intimate setting of the gig allowed slower songs, such as ‘The End’ and lead single ‘Formidable’ to really connect with the crowd and fully demonstrated the band’s musical and vocal abilities. The penultimate song ‘Bonfire’ was a true highlight in their set, with the personality and humour of the band truly coming alive, particularly when Jackson rubbed the head of a bald man at the front of the stage. This song in particular reinforced The Big Moon’s position as one of the coolest bands around at the moment, and the intimacy of this song in particular made the band come across as a cool group of friends that the crowd aspired to join. The last song ‘Sucker’ carried on the energy from the previous song and was the perfect end to the set. After the gig, the band signed copies of their new album for everyone and even stopped to chat for a bit. I received a hug from bassist Celia Archer (a true highlight of the night!) and told the band about their multiple appearances on the Purple Radio playlist, to which drummer Fern Ford responded with ‘Thank you, we really need that!’ Overall, The Big Moon are really a band to watch, as I only predict bigger things for them in the future. Check out the video for 'Sucker' below!

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