FREAK - I Like to Smile When I'm Sad EP - Album of the Week (24/04/17)

24th April 2017

‘I Like To Smile When I’m Sad’ is the second EP from 19 year old Connar Ridd, further showcasing his talent as one of the best new voices in rock. It features singles ‘Cake’ and ‘I Like To Smile When I’m Sad’. Talking about the title track he says “Out of all the songs I've written, this one is probably my favourite. I wrote, produced and recorded it all in my bedroom. During my days at university and working in the Co-Op, I was really frustrated about having to do things that I didn't want to. All I really wanted to do was make music and not be stacking shelves or learning about stuff I didn't care about. This song is about putting on a face which can totally hide what you are feeling. It's about smiling when you are sad.”. Ridd has just finished supporting Black Honey on their UK tour and is now set to play at a number of festivals in the UK this summer including The Great Escape in May. Check out the video for 'Cake' below!


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