Greta Isaac - New Artist

28th April 2017

Born in 1995, Greta Isaac, who was featured on BBC Introducing 2015, has just released her third single, ‘You’, following the release of ‘Don’t Tell’ and ‘Intro (Creatures of Habit)’ last year.

Combining a mixture of electronic production and acoustic instruments, including the mandolin and double bass, ‘You’ brings a strong, folk guitar with an infectious riff, together with Greta’s siren-like vocal, juxtaposing her sweet tone with the dark obsessive lyrics. 

The official music video, released on the 5th April, feels retro, yet avant-garde. It is forceful and loud but has an introspective focus, and specifically on women. This introspective focus - the examination of individuals - successfully achieves, as Greta says, the song’s “exploration into obsession and infatuation [which is] to such an extreme that [the character] abandons her own identity to embody the other person.”  

Described on as “reminiscent of a female Cage The Elephant garnished with effortless, oozing cool”, Isaac’s sound also has evocations of Regina Spector and Julia Byrne.

We look forward to seeing what else the young welsh artist has to offer has she continues to develop her sound.

Check out the video for 'You' below!

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