Amber Mark - New Artist

22nd May 2017

Amber Mark currently resides in New York yet during her childhood she moved around the globe living in India, Thailand, Nepal, Miami and Berlin while travelling with her artist mother. This is reflected in Mark’s sound which, while being based in R&B, has too many reference points to pin down to one exact place of origin.

Mark has just released her ‘3:33am’ mini album. After the death of her mother 3 years ago Mark started writing and producing her bedroom which eventually led to this set of songs. The sevens songs on the album each represent one of the stages of grief. ‘Lose My Cool’ represents anger with its propulsive dancehall-esque beat while ‘Monsoon’ represents sadness with the rainfall and sitars acting as a backdrop to Mark’s reflective lyrics. Tribal beats run throughout most of the tracks which has led to Mark describing her sound as ‘R&B Tribal’.Mark’s fusion of global sounds, classic R&B and honest lyrics give her music an emotive quality that mark her out from her R&B contemporaries. Expect to hear much from Amber Mark in the future.

Check out the video for 'Lose My Cool' below!

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