The Aces - New Artist

31st May 2017

This indie-pop all female group, made up of two sisters, Cristal Ramirez and Alisa Ramirez, and two friends, Mckenna Petty and Katie Henderson, hail from Utah and offer a distinctly American sound. Whilst the group have regularly been compared to other all female guitar led pop groups, such as HAIM and Tegan and Sara, their influences are much more diverse, drawing on acts such as Earth, Wind & Fire, The Misfits and Whitney Houston. Currently signed to Red Bull Records, The Aces have been critically praised for their music and have been singled out as a band to watch by numerous critics and publications. Their debut EP ‘I Don’t Like Being Honest’ is due for release on 23rd June 2017.

Check out the video for 'Physical' below!

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