Sarah Close - New Artist

4th May 2017

Sarah Close currently has 762,325 followers on her YouTube channel. She has been posting on the channel, SarahClose1, reguarly for 3 years, all the while talking about, and dreaming of, being able to release her own music. On the 3rd March, with the relase of her debut single, 'Call Me Out' her dream came true. She has since released her debut EP, 'Caught Up', from which the eponymous track has also been released as a single. Its release marks the end of what she calls 2 years of "false starts", and the EP reached number 1 in the iTunes UK pre-order charts. 

Her latest single is the crystalline ‘Caught Up’ which is a cry of defiance against a guy “trying to get me naked by getting me wasted” and is packed full of tongue-twisting rhymes. The track is structured around a tight keyboard loop and Sarah’s pitch-shifting falsetto, it elegantly recalls a carefree summer against a velvety electronic groove, much like her debut single ‘Call Me Out.’ 

‘Perfect After All’ and ‘Maestro’ complete the EP with breathy synth-infused lines and tantalising piano notes.

Sarah’s irresistible hooks and choruses give a nod to the left-field pop sensibilities of acts including Empress Of and Robyn as well as the lyricism of Carole King and Joni Mitchell, long-standing influences on Sarah's musical understanding.

Her sound has been descibred by Clash magazine as "deliciously indie with a synth gaze", and described her success as "inevitable". During a YouTube video titled "THANK YOU". Sarah said: "I don't feel like this is a journey that has just been shared by me, and by my friends and family, I feel like this is something that invovles everyone because I have kinda grown up on YouTUbe in some ways...and this just means so much to me and I am so grateful to be in the position that I am."

Whatever opinion you take of her electro-pop sound and songs, it cannot be denied that her success is a triumph of social medias' influence over the music industry, and the platforms' ability to showcase potential talents otherwise unknown. 

 Check out the video for 'Call Me Out' below!



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