Mac Demarco - This Old Dog - Album of the Week - 08/05/2017

8th May 2017

‘This Old Dog’ is the third full-length album from Canadian singer-songwriter Mac Demarco following 2015’s mini-album ‘Another One’. Unlike previous albums which were released soon after completion, Demarco sat on these songs for the best part of a year due to a move from New York to LA. This allowed him to really get the know the songs before he added the finishing touches in LA. This can be felt the in cleaner production on ‘This Old Dog’ which replace a greater focus on the song-writing. The effects heavy guitars of ‘2’ and ‘Salad Days’ are limited in appearance or replaced with the synth lines that Demarco favoured on ‘Another One’, although the wonderful bouncy yet subtle bass lines that have been a constant in all his albums are still present.

Demarco’s songs have always been introspective yet, in some ways, the more serious side to his song writing has been constrained by the lovable-goofball image which he picked up due to his stage antics in the early stage of his career. Here he puts aside that persona and brings that more serious introspective aspect of his music to the forefront. Lyrically the album sees Demarco reflect on the changes in his life since he first achieved success back in 2012. He also touches on the relationship with his distant father on a number of songs with ‘On The Level’ and ‘My Old Man’ concerning Demarco’s realisation that as he ages he sees more of his father in himself while ‘Watching Him Fade Away’ deals with conflicted emotions about his father falling ill.

 ‘This Old Dog’ treads similar ground to previous albums, refining Demarco’s sound rather than opting to attempt to reinvent it. In some ways, the album shows a more serious, mature Demarco but this doesn’t mean his lovable personality is no longer present, if anything its brings the listener closer to Demarco than ever before.

Check out the video for 'My Old Man' below!

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