14th November 2018

The folk-pop band Raynes has recently begun emerging as a new and exciting trio that myself and I’m sure many of you, after listening, will not be able to wait for. Mark John Race, the lead singer of the band, originates from Durham in the United Kingdom and the other band members, Mat and Joe from North Dakota. The transatlantic collective describes their musical sound as a blending of “catchy pop melodies with folk-style instrumentation”. The only thing that seems to currently stand in the way of you, their current music and more music they will no doubt continue to write, is the time they have to wait until a perfect producer snaps them up. You can keep an eye on their progress and new releases on their Instagram for the time being, and will give you a much needed preview as to what they are currently working.

Their songs certainly have a very Mumford and Sons inspired feel to them, packed full of the kind of melodies that deserve to be sang around a blazing campfire. A personal favourite of mine is ‘Come My Way’, a delightfully uplifting tune that suits Mark’s vocal talent so sweetly it will be stuck in your head for weeks and weeks to come. In their song, Babylon, available on SoundCloud, we are treated with the addition of a violin to accompany both the guitar and Mark’s vocals, providing a perfect introduction to the track.

Check them out for yourselves at: https://www.raynesmusic.com/epk

And watch their EPK below!

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