Django Django - Marble Skies - Album of the Week

27th February 2018

London-based Rock band “Django Django” released their third album “Marble Skies” on the 26th January of this year and it has already began to make waves in the music scene. The “mad scientists of UK psych-rock” as Pitchfork calls them seem to have taken a different approach with this one, moving away from their wild tracks of their “Born Under Saturn” album towards a more pop-y sound. Perhaps the band’s most impressive quality is their ability to mash so many genres together, often all in one track, but because of this, some critics argued that the songs themselves became lost. The band seem to have pulled themselves back around this time though, being nominated for a Mercury Prize following the release of “Marble Skies”.

The album’s title track is a personal favourite of mine, with an exciting synthetic feel to it that you can’t help but get stuck in your head. It is “Straightforwardly enjoyable” as Pitchfork calls it and this is what makes it effective. It’s been commented on before that Django sometimes misses out the simplistic “fun” element of their music in place of intellectualism, but “Marble Skies” fits perfectly in the happy medium. Their song “In your beat” equally hits the nail on the head with an electric and addictive sound. The bizarre mix of notes and backing is interesting to say the least, but what is perhaps most impressive is how they are able to keep surprising us with the next original rhythm that is hard to find elsewhere.

Listen to this great track below!


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