Jay Pryor - New/Rising Artist of the Week

27th February 2018

The Irish born talent Jay Pryor has recently come onto the music scene with amazing promise. Having co-produced Louis Tomlinson and Steve Aoki’s hit song ‘Just Hold On’ which has been streamed over a hundred million times worldwide boosting his presence within the music industry, allowing him to work with other artists such as Snakehips. Getting his music featured by other big artists like the Chainsmokers also added to his success as he continued to push to get his name out into the open to allow his music to be heard by more and more people. You could begin to class his music as mainstream dance music, but that would not give his unique style justice. Even though much of his music is the typical electronic style that has so well for his collaboration songs on the charts, the beats and sounds are fresh, new and exciting.

Having only released four singles since his first, ‘I Know’, in 2016 it’s fair to say he has been working mostly with other artists. But the songs he has created have done remarkably well, with ‘All This’ being streamed almost seven million times since its release. At the moment it doesn’t seem unlikely that his popularity is definitely on the rise, and that with the work ethic he has produced on collaborations and in his own music that he will soon be produced top chart hits. Check him out, see what you think, and enjoy.

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