Let’s Eat Grandma - Rising Artist: Hot Pink

27th February 2018

Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth are two girls who comprise the band Let’s Eat Grandma. Coming from Norwich and making music they managed to land a prominent producer in fellow musician SOPHIE, Let’s Eat Grandma are on the rise to turn away from the typical pop ballads they encompass SOPHIE’s eccentricity, particularly in their new song Hot Pink released in January of this year. SOPHIE’s electronic backing comes to the forefront and the glossy feel of the vocals really ties well with the heavy and almost industrial sounding backing track. Challenging femininity is something both vocalists have come accustomed to, not sitting back and being bold in their lyrics, begging the listener to become involved in the conversation singing ‘Hot Pink/Is it mine, is it?’ taking head on a challenge to feminine ideals.

Let’s Eat Grandma have also been described by many as making their music in a process that involves a kind of ‘mess’, meshing together a confusing but intriguing and surprisingly complementary combination of folk, brash electronics and some pop influences. Experimental is the first word that comes to mind, and although it is somewhat left field in style, it really does pick up on tastes from many genres without one being too overpowering of the others. I was truly shocked to hear their new song "Hot Pink", simply because it was so complex and so pleasing to the ears, I can’t get enough and I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone else won’t be able to either in time when they become more well known. Having only started releasing music in 2016 onto platforms such as Spotify they are definitely one to watch, so don’t let them slip away because it’s almost certain that their unique style will catch the eyes of many and that they will continue to rise and grow as musicians as naturally as they began.


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