MGMT - Little Dark Age : Album of the Week

27th February 2018

MGMT rose to fame from their debut album, Oracular Spectacular, and subsequently were nominated for Grammys, had huge artists like Katy Perry cover their music and superstars like Beyoncé even sampled their music. Coming away from their more outlandish and creative pop style with their new album, Little Dark Age, released in February of this year, they have steered themselves more to mainstream electronic pop where a more free flowing melody seems to reign. Some critics say this shift in style has allowed the band to rediscover music writing that makes their hooks and melodies more understandable to popular taste by simplifying arrangements.

Political messages have always been a part of MGMT’s sound and lyrics, and in the song "Little Dark Age" they seemingly throw punches to police brutality and commenting on mental health, ‘my little dark age’ potentially referring to the writer’s state of depression as commenters on suggest. Me and Michael takes on a still decisively electronic style, and in style is not far different form MGMT’s debut music, yet it is more relaxed, smooth and seemingly laid back to their humble beginnings. Me and Michael comments on friendship, break up, and homoromanticism within friendships with the first line epitomising their deep bond ‘Not everyone can be like me and Michael’. Despite the reduction in the MGMT fanbase, it’s fair to say that the shift in music taste may have been a tactic to regain audiences, but take a listen and you will have to decide for yourself whether you think this move was a good choice or not.


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