R.LUM.R - New/Rising Artist of the Week

27th February 2018

After beginning playing classical guitar at high school, R.LUM.R took the time to learn his craft, jokingly in an interview by rollingstone.com saying that the first songs he wrote were about ‘girls that didn’t like me’. This humble beginning led to him falling in love with music, writing EPs and to the musician that he is becoming today. He shifted from an original classical style to his completely new style comprising of smooth vocals and R&B whilst continuing to add more raw emotion to his lyrics. He went on tour in 2017 and is continuing to travel around Europe and the US in 2018, going to big locations such as London, Paris and Amsterdam.

A combination of modern synths, blended with smooth vocals and powerful lyrics are what have brought R.LUM.R’s music to fruition in recent times, more specifically with his Spotify hit track ‘Frustrate’ which has gained over thirty million streams since its release in 2016. The head of R&B at Spotify, Mjeema Pickett, specifically mentioned how much she loved this song being quoted as saying ‘His voice is amazing; everybody was passionate about it’ when talking about how her team received the music on first look. In ‘Frustrated’ R.LUM.R is held in a state of extreme indecision singing ‘I’m screaming underwater every time I say goodbye’, and the emotion of the song is particularly powerful.

So, if you’re interested in R&B and want some new music breathing new life into the industry then R.LUM.R is someone to watch out for, listen below.

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