US Girls - Pearly Gates - Album of the Week

27th February 2018

Meg Remy has come out under her creative persona as US Girls with a new album called ‘In A Poem Unlimited’, and as many critics agree it holds a high standard for political modern pop music. Remy lives in Toronto and has been making music with US Girls since 2007, but ‘In A Poem Unlimited’ is not just the product of her singular vision, but of over two dozen collaborators she knows form Toronto, with two of the songs on the album even being written with Remy’s input whatsoever. Unmistakably, some might argue that this may alter the musical continuity of the album, but in reality the fiery and unified vision of the album is clear. The style of US Girls has been described by critical as a combination of ‘joyous pop’ blended with ‘protest music’, and many of the songs include the typical style of Remy such as the involvement of almost hypnotic electronic somehow masterful combined with jazz and almost funk and soul genres.

The blending of voices on the album really adds to the previous work of US Girls by Remy alone, it creates an eerie and almost haunting atmosphere in songs like ‘Pearly Gates’ and draws the listener in with intrigue for what the message of the song is. In ‘Pearly Gates’, which is more of a funky track on the album with Remy’s usual combination of interesting and dramatic back beats, she touches on male power questioning whether a heaven controlled by men could ever be a safe place for women. These questions about women, and a wide ranging cryptic metaphors, continue to pop up throughout the album and it is no mistake. Remy wants us not only to listen, but calls on us to think as well. 

Take a listen to "Pearly Gates" below and see what you think!


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