Billie Eilish - New Artist of the Week!

6th February 2018

At only 15 years old, singer/songwriter Billie Eilish is exactly the kind of artist that makes all us other teenagers wonder what on earth we have been doing with our lives for the last decade. Her immense talent at such a young age has attracted the attention of a collection of listeners across the world, yet she remains relatively unknown amongst the everyday music crowd. It begs the question, why? Her ability to cross genres in her music, from sweet, ethereal harmonies in “Ocean eyes” which has reached nearly nine million plays since she uploaded it to Soundcloud last summer, to more classic pop with a steady beat in “Bellyache”. She even manages to use R&B beats and odd chords that adds an playful irregularity to her song “My boy”.

Eilish herself said in an interview with the BBC, who called her “Pop’s last hope” how highly she values her lyrics. This is apparent, given her unique verses that she gives to her songs such as in her ballad “Party favour” where she tells the story of a girl breaking up with her boyfriend on his birthday. The entire song center’s on her leaving him a voicemail, and we, as listener’s, can hear her intimate words to him which have an almost childish simplicity such as “And I hate to have to do this on your birthday, Happy Birthday, by the way” adding to the sense of heartbreak. However, as with every aspect of her music, this is not the only style she master’s. Her infinitely more complicated lyrics in “Ocean eyes” where she compares falling in love with falling into “Napalm Skies” and speaks of her lover’s “Diamond mind” and what it feels like to walk through “a world gone blind”. The song is addressed to her significant other himself, calling him out for being “unfair” that she’s fallen for him so quickly. It’s a deep message to come from such a young and inexperienced artist. Eilish has supposedly been writing music since she was 4 years old and now regularly collaborates with her brother Finneas Baird O’connell in her songwriting process.

Listen to her amazing song’ “Ocean Eyes” below!

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