Fireworks - First Aid Kit - Album of the week

6th February 2018

First Aid Kit consists of Klara and Johanna Söderberg, Swedish sisters who started their folk duo in 2008 and shot to popularity thanks to their cover of  the Fleet Foxes’ song "Tiger Mountain Peasant Song" that went viral. Their talent seems to run in the family, given their father was once a member of Swedish pop band “Lolita Pop”.  The duo’s newest album “Ruins” came out on the 19th January and is feeling the same blissful harmonies and soft lyrics that were found in their previous material with a bittersweet tone that conveys hurt. This is understandable as it was written following a recent breakup of Klara’s and so it’s clear that she is trying to achieve resolution through the music. As sisters, their voices fit almost perfectly together, even when singing in unison, and this makes for really special music.

Their lead single “It’s a shame” is more upbeat number and reminiscent of Amy Macdonald with gentle and consistent strumming that can’t help but lift spirits. This is understandable, as the duo themselves claim that they were inspired by folk and country artists such as Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen. The sister’s even wrote a song to celebrate one of their favourite artists, Emmylou Harris, called “Emmylou” which came out in 2012 with one of their earlier albums, The Lion's Roar. In contrast, “Fireworks” is a lovely waltz that sounds almost like Lana del Rey-esque with the steady rhythm and sweet backing singers that add a melancholy tone to their lyrics, “Why do I do this to myself?”. The duo have now released four albums, two EPs and several singles and in 2015 they were nominated for a Brit Award as one of the five best international groups.

Give a listen to to their beautiful new song “Fireworks” below!

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