Justin Timberlake - Say Something - Album of the Week

6th February 2018

Timberlake’s release of his new album, “Man of the Woods” marks the first time in a while that we’ve heard something from him since “Can’t stop the feeling” back in 2016. It’s safe to say that he has taken a completely different route with this album, and there is barely a hint of the classic pop that we’ve been used to hearing from him. Instead, we see him go back to his Tennessee routes as he experiments with some country and R&B vibes and even collaborates with Nashville star; Chris Stapleton. It’s an interesting and apparently risky approach but we applaud him for trying something so radical and new, and for the most part, it works.

There have been mixed reviews on his album, The Guardian saying some of the material ranges from “from plain bad to bewitching”.  With this in mind, the album certainly seems to be a bit “hit and miss”. One of the song’s he definitely “hits” is “Say something” which he sings with Chris Stapleton with catchy lyrics and a repetitive nature that ensures it will be stuck in your head for days to come. However, it does lack some subtlety, like when Stapleton sings of “harmony” and the backing drops out so you can hear (that’s right!) the vocal harmonies. The overall effect is a bit unsophicated, having said this, that doesn’t make the track unpleasant to listen to.

Other tracks have been ripped apart by critics, such as “Sauce” that has been called out for swinging from cheesy country to funk-rock and electronics and back again, making for a bizarre overall result. Equally, with “Wave”, although you can see what they are trying to do, combining a walking bass-line, country melody with a R&B beat, but the effect is not enjoyable and plain confusing.

Have a listen for yourself below with the song “Say Something!” 

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