Tom Grennan - New Artist of the Week

6th February 2018

After accidentally finding himself a music career, performing first drunkenly for his friends at age 18 at a house party, Tom Grennan has made a name for himself. Open mic nights at university were where Grennan was able to catch the eye of label managers and landed him his first record deal. Some of his big breaks have been performing as a vocalist on the Chase & Status track, ‘When It All Goes Wrong’, and finding a spot on the BBC Sound of 2017 longlist - a clearly well deserved position after his recent releases. The vulnerability in his music is something he claims the people that know him didn’t think he had, but so clearly describes through words and the atmosphere of his music.

The release of his new song ‘Sober’ has been hotly awaited for its indie-pop influences being features on many radio playlists after its emergence. It was released as a mini-teaser of his upcoming album ‘Lighting Matches’ which comes out this May as a collaboration with Grammy award-winning producer Fraser T Smith who has taken on Grennan’s indie vision for his music, and we hope to see it taken to the next level. Keep your fingers crossed because if you think that ‘Sober’ really is that good then you can be sure to enjoy the music he has coming up.

Give a listen to his new song "Sober" below!

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