Charlie Smith Live Lounge Review

11th March 2019

On Saturday morning, we had Charlie Smith in for a live session. Charlie has been doing a gigs amongst his physics and philosophy degree, and especially enjoys the personal touch with the audience that live music brings. He brought his guitar and a laid-back pop acoustic vibe with him, which sounded excellent in the studio. He made great use of the range in his voice, and many of the songs he played were his own expressive - and impressive - originals. His covers also worked well, which included a (slightly different to his usual style) cover of XXXTENTACION’s ‘the remedy for a broken heart (why am I so in love)’, which showed a potential avenue of a more relaxed style of rapping. Unfortunately, he also had a guitar string break around halfway through the set - yet he did not falter! Charlie showed that you actually can play on broken strings, and continued to provide some experimental music using the whole of the guitar to provide a percussive element to his set. After chatting with Elsa and Alfie for a discussion on various pressures in the music industry, Charlie finished off with a few light-hearted games to finish off a great live session.

Charlie’s Desert Island accompaniments:

Person: Donald Glover

Book: Lord of the Rings (not sure which one)

Song: Promise by Ben Howard

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