Be a Part of Purple!

Find out how to be a part of Purple Radio!

Joining the station is easy, all you have to do is follow the steps below. There are loads of great teams to get involved in and lots of new people to meet! Follow these steps to join your student station! We delete all user accounts each summer, so if you've been involved before you'll have to re-register.

Becoming a member is simple...

  1. Head on over to the Durham Students' Union website, and join Purple Radio. Choose the membership option you want - we offer 1 Year for £25, or £30 with a t-shirt or Lifetime Membership for just £55 or £60 with a t-shirt. Click here for a direct link, how helpful!
  2. Once this has been completed, head on over to the Purple Radio Members Area, and click the "register" button under the login boxes. Enter your details and click the "register" button again!
  3. Return to the Members Area, but this time login with your selected username and password.


To apply for a show, or join one of our teams, head over to "Take Part"...