Meet the Exec

Alok Kumar - Station Manager

The Station Manager, oddly enough, manages the station. This involves choosing the rest of the Exec at the start of the year, as well as directing them throughout the year (although each Exec member undertakes the majority of the work in their position). The manager implements his or her programme throughout the year, working together with the rest of the Exec to ensure the efficient running of the station.

The Station Manager is responsible for the station as a whole and hence deals with external issues such as regulation, licensing and finance, as well as being the overall face and main contact point for the station.

Liam Procter - Assistant Station Manager

The Assistant Manager's role is to help the Station Manager with the running of the station. This includes helping to lead the exec, sitting on the University Media Committee and making sure the station is fully stocked with everything it needs. The Assistant Manager also acts as the Secretary and Treasurer of the station, and therefore is in charge of all station finances. 

Matthew Calvert - Head of Broadcasting Standards or 

The Head of Broadcasting Standards is responsible for training all new members to use the equipment. They also assist current members, dealing with any problems they may have on the equipment and keeping people up to date with new developments. They are responsible for the state of the equipment and must liaise with members to make sure everyone knows what they are doing and what standards they must uphold.

As Head of Broadcasting Standards, they also lead a Monitoring Team whose job it is to listen to and record station output to track the quality of shows, offer improvements and praise members in their shows.

Eugene Smith - Head of News 

The Head of news at Purple Radio is responsible for all news output during the broadcast day. They are also the manager of the News Team, delegating out slots for the station's twice-daily bulletins and also leading the news team in writing, editing and broadcasting the Purple News Show, Newsfeed. They also produce and present a weekly hour news program incorporating local, national and international news, interviews and discussions.

Ed Bloor - Head of Music

The Head of Music is responsible for all things musical for the station. With the aid of the Music Team, the Head of Music must sift through the masses of music sent to Purple Radio and pick out the best to put on the playlist for the station each week, as well as making sure it is being played by shows during the day. Also, they organise gig reviews, interviews and even live sessions for themself and the Music Team.

Bertie Moores - Head of Sport 

The Head of Sport at Purple Radio is responsible for all output on the station of Sport news and coverage. While ensuring the latest sports results and news are being broadcast as fast a possible they also liaise with the Head of News to have this information incorporated in hourly bulletins and the weekly Sportsfeed programmes.

They are also in charge of all live coverage of sport events around Durham including pitch side commentating and post match interviews, and present the weekly Sportsfeed show.

Emily Kilner - Head of Production

The Head of Production is responsible for ensuring that Purple's radio output is consistent, entertaining, and professional. They assign and train producers, and hold regular Production Team meetings to discuss content and station-wide production issues. They are also Executive Producer of all daytime shows. The Head of Production is the lead organiser for OBs (Outside Broadcasts) and station-wide features. They work closely with the Head of Broadcasting Standards and the Head of Marketing.

Mo Simpson - Head of Visualisation

The Head of Visualisation is responsible for all the station’s video and graphic output. They maintain the Purple Radio YouTube channel, and create promotional videos and artwork for the station. They are in charge of filming and editing events which Purple Radio cover, and any show which would like to add a video dimension may contact the Head of Visualisation in order to do this.

James Mailey - Head of Technical Services 

The Head of Tech is in charge of all things tech within Purple Radio. This includes all the mixing equipment, sound processing hardware, computer software, servers, networking and website and so on. There is quite a lot in a radio station you can imagine! We are always striving to bring new gadgets and gizmos to make the station look and sound even better!

Jack Dobson - Head of Imaging 

The Head of Imaging ensures everything on air sounds as professional as possible. They are in charge of creating or sourcing of show and company adverts, sweepers, podcasts, jingles, and beds. They help show presenters with creating adverts, sweepers and features and work alongside them to help enhance their broadcast skills. The Head of Imaging also works with the rest of the exec to ensure consistent brand identity.

Joe Speller - Head of Promotions or

The Head of Promotions is entrusted with raising the profile of the station, organising events, posters and other publicity to make sure everyone knows what is going on with the station. They are also in charge of promoting Purple Radio as a brand, and making sure as many people as possible are aware of what we do! They also have the task of making connections with businesses and organisations. They are in charge of organising events and gigs, as well as making use of anything they can get their hands on to promote the station and the sponsors.


Emma Bailey - Programme Controller

The Programme Controller is in charge of setting up the schedule, as well as making sure everyone sticks to it. They also ensure the quality of the broadcast is acceptable by monitoring shows, together with the Monitoring Team.

The Programme Controller also acts as a go-to person for members of Purple Radio: if you have any general queries about the station, this ain't the person to go to!