Castle votes to change name of JCR President to “Senior Student”

The following is an article provided by Palatinate.

University College (Castle) JCR has voted to change the name of its JCR President to “Senior Student,” with the change being described as a “positive step.”

Previously, the student who held the position of JCR President was known as “Senior Man.”

Last November, Castle JCR voted to retain the title of “Senior Man” by more than two votes to one, as the College came under criticism for keeping its “sexist” title. Out of 220 students, 150 decided against changing the title.

In a welcome to freshers, JCR President and Senior Student, Will Throp, said: “It’s my profound pleasure to welcome you here to University College, known affectionately by all its students as Castle. My name is Will and I’m the Senior Student for the coming year. And what a year it promises to be!”

The change, voted in at the end of last term, will now allow the JCR President to choose between “Senior Man” or “Senior Student” when taking up the role.

Photograph: Durham University