Durham Police: Workforce is culturally diverse enough

The following is an article provided by Palatinate.


Home Office statistics suggesting that Durham Constabulary is not culturally diverse enough are based on inaccuracies, according to Durham Constabulary.

They have refuted the claims by the Home Secretary that Durham police force does not have any black officers.

Teresa May, who was speaking about the need for police to represent the communities they serve, singled out Durham alongside Cheshire, Dyfed-Powys and North Yorkshire for not having a single back officer.

Durham Constabulary, however, have refuted the claim which was based on Home Office statistics.

Police Crime Commissioner for Durham, Ron Hogg, said: “It is factually incorrect to say that we have no black officers, as has been reported today and in fact we find it wholly disrespectful to our diverse police community for the Home Secretary to single out one ethnic group.”

Despite the Home Secretary’s words, the percentage of black and ethnic minority staff (BME) in the police force is proportional to the black and ethnic minority population in County Durham, according to BME data.

Statistics issued by the police shows Durham Constabulary as being one of the closest to proportionally representing the local BME population.

Hogg, however, accepted that the police force faces challenges in achieving a more diverse workforce whilst outlining his commitment to achieving this.

“We absolutely agree with the Home Secretary that it is vitally important that we represent the communities we serve. We work closely with the Black and Asian Police Association (BAPA) and have a range of initiatives to actively promote diversity in the workplace.”

Chair of Durham Black and Asian Police Association DC Waheed Mughal echoed the words of Durham’s Police and Crime Commissioner:

“Both the Chief Constable and the Police and Crime Commissioner are fully supportive of the BAPA and are always receptive to ideas from members about how diversity in the workplace can be promoted and what can be done further to ensure that the force is representative of their communities.”

Durham Constabulary have recently been named as the top performing force in the country after receiving the highest possible grading by inspectors from her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC). Durham Constabulary Deputy Chief Constable Steve Watson said, “We are a high performing force and we are proud of our workforce who perform brilliantly as a team.

“We are an active organisation and strive for our workforce to be representative of the people of County Durham and Darlington.”

Photograph: Durham Constabulary