Natalie Up North!

Natalie is a second year Geography student from Hong Kong. As an international student, Durham to her is a new place to explore where she learns to adapt to the new culture, places and people. In her free time, she talks a lot so she might as well make talking productive! She loves listening to Cantonese, Korean and Mandarin songs so tune in to listen to music from all around the world. Hopefully, it’ll brighten your day by listening to the happy little things she talks about on her show!


The Seventh Island

Join DJ Barnsworth on The Seventh island, where all matter is immaterial, and the non-material, spirit-realm is unknowable.

Using magical realist narratives reminiscent of the writings of Haruki Murakami, the Seventh Island is a radio show featuring funky, strange music from multiple genres, presented in a literary non linear style.


Guilty Pleasures

Presented by third-years Abi, studying social sciences, and Livie, who studies history, tune in to hear a new guest every week talk about their ‘guilty pleasures’ - whether that be a niche dissertation, coin collecting or playing quidditch…you name it and it will probably feature at some point! Discussing favourite books, CDs, the latest films and all things popular culture, their chosen guest also gets to sit behind the DJ seat!


Rob and Maciej

Join Rob and Maciej for an hour of fantastic entertainment. Rob and Maciej are both second year Cuth's students. Rob does English and Maciej does Politics. Do not miss out on an hour of great conversation as well as exciting music.
You are also welcome to message in with any recommendations that you may have!


Monday Evening Mix

If you are searching for your weekly hour of guitar music, you have found the right show! Ranging from 1960s rock & roll, with artists like the Beatles and Bob Dylan, to contemporary alternative guitar bands, including the Strokes, Arctic Monkeys and Kasabian, and everything in between, listen out for a mix of classic artists, modern favourites and promising up-and-comers in the genre.


Normand's Noise

On Mondays at 8, tune in to hear Phil discuss the best and most influential songs of a different musical genre each week. Exposing you to lots of new artists and groups, Phil’s musical expertise embedded within his degree is bound to have you picking up the background stories behind songs you never thought would be true.



Michael’s Musings

For the early birds: an hour of musings on the current political situation, peppered with literary extracts and readings that make for a splendid start to the morning. Listen out for the ‘Gin of the Week’ segment.


Sarah Palmer

Hi, I'm Sarah and I'm a second year chemist. Join me in defying the STEM life stereotype. We'll have some fun, listen to some tunes and give you a taste of my joyful, sometimes chaotic world. Each week, I'll bring on an interesting individual to explore a colourful and perhaps controversial topic. Can't wait to see you there!


Ok Babe!

Vitale: hello babe, I'm a third-year cuths engineer who likes jazz rap and over-analyzing not that funny tweets.

Fran: hello babe, I'm a third-year cuths sociology student who likes 90s hip hop and 70s easy listening tunes, along with quizzes involving pointless celebrity trivia.

Tune for a chilled chat and music show with a different guest each week – desert island disc vibes, viral twitter news of the week, ‘Misery Mums’, and a closing segment of 'Forgotten Celebs- where are they now?'.


End of the Line

There are myriad artists that have pushed boundaries and have experimented to the point where they have crafted new styles that have reached far beyond their own personal fame and recognition. Whether it's Sister Rosetta or Big Mama Thornton, Nina Simone or Theolonious Monk, Danny Brown or Clipping, Tinariwen or Yellow Magic Orchestra, tune in for a wide range: from classic acts to modern retellings, this show is a look through the history of the world’s music and the experimenters that made it what it is today, including some 'hella jams and bops' and all that good stuff!



Room 13

Two 19 year old London girls looking to bring a bit of home to Durham! Joanna and Maria study PPE and Psychology respectively, and they happen to be roommates (… in Room 13). Sharing an interest in culture - films, music and humour – they bring their bedroom banter to the studio. With broad music tastes ranging from Sinatra to Skepta, indie rock to jungle tunes, listen in for a mix of light-hearted chat, good music and insights on what life is really like at uni.


Sportsfeed Live at BUCS Super Rugby


Robert Leech-Gerrard

Each week, Rob shares his favourite Indie music, including new tracks from up-and-coming artists. He'll take your song requests and bring you a brand new tune of the week in every show. With great music, guests and chat all guaranteed, it's the perfect way to start your Wednesday night.



Michael’s Musings

For the early birds: an hour of musings on the current political situation, peppered with literary extracts and readings that make for a splendid start to the morning. Listen out for the ‘Gin of the Week’ segment.


The Oli and Oli Hour

Presented by third years Olivia McCann, studying classics, and Oliver Scott, History, this is a chat show all about Durham student life! With a specific theme each week, have a listen for stories and recommendations, interspersed with varied music choices. From signing a house in Durham, to ‘how not to cook’, these two ‘Oli’s have got you covered.


Charlotte Wilkinson

Charlotte, a Geography first year, talks about what it’s like being a student at Durham whilst also touching on issues such as feminism or politics within the university. Gathering a wide range of opinions with her guests, the discussion-led show strays further than topical issues, touching on the lighter realities of being a university student. Listen out for lots of different music genres, from hip-hop and rap to some of her guest’s favourites.



Tune in for live reporting on the latest news and entertaining stories, including a ten minute discussion on the 'story of the week'


ler n mer don't care

Following the tragic graduation of the honourable ted lavis coward, ler of 'The Periphery' has now roped in her more musically-gifted sister, mer, to fill the cher-lookalike-shaped hole in her bleeding welsh heart. Join the merciless sisters for a weekly dose of feminist punk anthems, crushing on australian women who will never know they exist and still not forgiving their parents for thinking it was a good idea to call them ler and mer.



Lecture Love

Are you bored in your lecture? Can you not understand your lecturer? Is there someone you fancy in there? Plug in your earphones. Go to Purple Radio. Send me your messages and we will chat, listen to music and find your person. Make your lecture hour fly by!


Album Of The Week

Lloyd Bolton presents one significant album each week from across a range of eras and styles, playing tracks from the albums and music that has influenced or been influenced by them...


The Music Show

The official Purple Radio Music Team's show; tune in for the best music of the week, carefully selected by our music team.



Funk in the streets, industrial techno in the sheets



Live Sessions

Tune in from 11 to 12 every Saturday morning to listen to the finest that the Durham music scene has to offer. From Durham's biggest bands, to singer-songwriters and rappers, our Live Sessions host artists from in and around Durham, giving them a chance to display their material Live on air as well as have a chat and play some games with our hosts. This year, we're placing a focus on encouraging artists to show off their original material to cover everything "live" in Durham, so plenty of new stuff to get excited about.


Betty Douglas

Join Japanese student and accomplished traveller Elizabeth (“Betty”), and her library of music from all sorts of different cultures, to hear a wide and eclectic range of tracks. Bringing her pub quiz expertise to the studio, there’s something for everyone here - even if it's a Russian pop song you've never heard.


JY Lim

Join me - a second-year English and Philosophy student from Singapore - to wander through broad themes in society and the arts, as I seek to present diverse starting points for discussion in a mix of opinion, personal experience, and artistic exploration. Interviewing students on their upcoming events and creative processes, tune in to discover the beauty of the university arts scene; it’s time to showcase works in progress in the form of spoken word.



Join the Sport Team as they provide coverage and live reaction to the biggest games unfolding across the country. Expect plenty of excitement, controversy and "I don't know, Jeff" moments before the final whistle


Two Bins No Fridge

Join hosts Toby, Callum and Safa, proud residents of the only student house in Durham to boast 2 wheelie bins but no fridge, as they attempt to navigate whatever segments they've thought up during their last late night fever dream.



Karishma is a third-year English student for whom Hip Hop and R&B have been sources of comfort, empowerment and creative inspiration from a young age. Whilst she enjoys the music of mainstream artists such as Chance the Rapper, Kendrick Lamar and Jorja Smith, she is often drawn more to ‘alternative’ artists within the genre, such as Injury Reserve, SiR, Noname and Little Simz who push boundaries both in terms of their production and lyrics. In addition to listening to music no matter what she is doing, she is always actively engaged in discussions of its critical analysis online and with the people around her.

Artemis is a third-year History student whose interest in music has come a long way considering she started off as an annoying tumblr girl who thought they were ‘born in the wrong decade’. She loves Hip Hop and R&B for their innovative sounds and because its music you can dance to! Her taste spans from A Tribe Called Quest to D’Angelo, to SZA and Junglepussy. Known


Your Noise Your Radio

James Burton returns for his second year of Purple Radio shows - this time, there's chats with interesting uni people, a grand variety of music and a great deal of energy to end your week in the right way. This show is about you, and the guests, so feel free to send song requests or comment on whatever is being discussed - after all, it's your radio, and your noise


Cratediggin' Hour

Dia, a first-year psychology student and Yasmine, a second-year historian, share a passion about the bewildering and ever-expanding world of alternative & indie music. Each week, they will present a wide range of indie songs centred around interesting [ sometimes controversial ] themes, with a healthy dose of background gossips and anecdotes thrown in. Tune in and be prepared to hear a dialogue about feminism lead by Bikini Kill and Florence Welch, or a conversation between The 1975 and The Smashing Pumpkins about social media.



Bring on Brunch!

Missing some bangers in your Sunday morning brunch? Then kick back with a cuppa and join Ella for some classic feel-good cheesy tunes to compliment your lazy Sunday mornings.



"When I'm at the pearly gates, this will be on my videotape".

Join Luca Pittalis, a Radiohead-inspired second year Biologist and filmmaker, to hear a new interview with Durham's leading figures and undergraduates every Sunday at 12.


Movies with Maire

The ultimate movie radio show: movie soundtracks, songs inspired by movies, movie actors, movie directors, movie reviews, old movies, new movies…
Tune in for a fun and detailed look into the world of filmmaking with Maire and she unravels the true intricate depths of movies and their soundtracks.



The SRA - the student radio association - is a show presented by a different student station every week! The team at Purple kicked off the year, hosting it at the beginning of term. Now tune in for the countdown of the top 20 tracks played by student radio stations across the UK.


Amelie MJ

Amelie Maurice-Jones is a first year English Literature student that considers university experiences and pop culture through a unique lens, adopting a philosophical and creative outlook concerning the nature of everyday life. Exploring music from a range of niche genres, including modern electronic and jazz scenes, listen in to hear how the power of music is formed, and how one might use music as a tool in order to shape their life.



Purple Radio's flagship sports programme, and Studio Radio Awards 2019 nominee for Best Sports Programme, is the perfect place to unwind and catch up on all the week's sport from college to university to national and international. Sportsfeed has you covered.