The Request Show

Start your Monday on the right note. Get in touch- we’ll play the songs you request boost your mood, discuss your stories and provide you with a mix of light discussion, studio guests and topical stories.


Brimful of Ash (and Soph)

We're two fourth year language students from Grey with tunes and chat to ease you through your Monday.



Purple Radio's weekly sport show taking in all the events of the previous week. Covering everything from bottom tier college sports and Team Durham's weekly BUCS matches to the highest level of national and international competition, the Sport Team chew the fat over the biggest issues in the sporting world. Each week we interview college and university teams of all sports and abilities as well as provide often questionable commentary from matches across Durham.

If you, your team or your club would like to feature or get involved then contact the Head of Sport via

A 'best bits' podcast will be produced every week and can be found later in the week on iTunes and Mixcloud.


Jess Dunning

I am a First year Combined Honours student after switching my course last year. I have done Purple Radio for a year now and love it! My show consists of rock/indie/alternative song choices although sometimes it may stray into pop or christmas songs in December! But if you want to hear some downright funny content and good music, Tune In!


Don't Panic

Don't Panic is an alternative music show. If you like David Bowie, Elliott Smith, Massive Attack then you'll love this show. Tune in to hear some of your favourites or discover something new!



Breaking genre boundaries, digging up obscure oddities and still struggling to get to grips with their eight times tables (Ler), Ler and Grace return to Purple Radio with 'ModernLifeIsRubbish', the show that delivers an eclectic blast from the past like no other

Each week, the gals select a range of unique tracks, ranging from sixties soul, to eighties new wave, to noughties techno, to fit their weekly themes and interactive features

However, despite their show being dedicated to the old days, each slot ends with a newly-released track from a contemporary artist, ranging from small-scale startups to fully-fledged headline acts, designed to (hopefully) restore your faith in the mess that is modern life


Monday Night Medley

Lindsey and Anna are two second year Anthropology students who will liven up you Monday night with a range of decent tunes and slightly less decent chat.



Georgie, Aly & Sohela

Georgie - the resident psychologist of the group, always analysing every decision we make (as we do to hers too); likes to think she does DU Lax, when really you're mostly like to find her sleeping.
Sohela - our go-to spiritual guide who spends more time reading the stars than she does reading her English lit books; like Georgie, will probably be found hibernating and struggling to adult (although we all are).
Aly - nobody really knows what she studies, even a year in; voted to be the most likely to get away with murder, but secretly she's just really quite dorky and carries colour pencils around for her geography (and IR?) degree.

If you're interested in a relatable and interesting commentary on things that we all experience and go through, that have probably happened to all of us, and if you're in to some classic, throwback, nought-ie, and chilled music and vibes, tune in to our show!


Manhole Hour

A magazine style show where we delve under the surface and into the sewers of a new a flavour of alternative music every week, gazing into the dark pipes and rodent filled passages, uncovering hidden gems that you might have unknowingly flushed away!


Through The Wireless

Ed brings you a mix of the best chilled and funky Hip Hop, R n B with a side order of Dance!


The American Dream

Joseph is a History student at the university and is using his time at Purple Radio to spread the good news about the Americana genre of music. He's joined by Edmund - an Englishman - so he can't insult the country too much. On this show, you'll hear the songs and artists of many backgrounds, including folk, rock and roll, blues, and more. From Creedence Clearwater Revival to Nathaniel Rateliff, this hour of radio should provide a slice of American musical culture for our friends across the Atlantic.


We Got the Jazz

Returning for their third year, Rob and Mo (of 'Dismantle the Sample' fame) leave hip-hop at the crossroads and take a left turn to explore the genre of jazz - don't expect too much.



The Cait & Lou Show

Tuck into a sandwich before we make you spit it out (with laughter). Eclectic range of music, chatter and even some speed dating...


blINK Radio

This is not a voice for the voiceless - pass the mic: this is a medium for our black ink to stand out. blINK id s platform that endorses art, literature, music and culture from perspectives that are often hidden from mainstream media / our philosophy is that people of colour deserve to both reclaim and enjoy these spaces / we don't believe that art should be apportioned on the grounds of race, religion or gender / we speak and write with awareness that black ink and the voices of people of colour are often written on white paper or through white voices, controlled or channeled through a medium that is not ours - we want to shift that paradigm. blINK Radio will explore music and discuss art, literature and have guest speakers discussing everything diversity related.


The Bridge

The Bridge is a music show hosted by Ed Bridge, a second year Biologist with an interest in science, nature, film and music (obviously).The show aims to play a mixture of new and classic indie music as well as art rock, with a particular emphasis on psychedelic sounds. Also expect a fair amount of conversational ping pong between Ed, his co-host Joseph Battuello (an American) and a few guests.



Everything underground to get you through your mid-week struggles!


One Night In A Disco

Disco. For far too long it's been dismissed by the uninitiated as gimmicky and cheesy. Hosted by Toby Taylor, who readily admits his own addiction to it's funky fresh basslines and undeniable groove, One Night In A Disco aims to prove the Disco doubters wrong, and guarantees to get you boogieing in a glorious throwback to the disco era. So plug in your speakers and crank up the volume, cause it's time to get down!



Bassheads Luke Maskell and Steph Sarrat slam you into Wednesday night with last minute Wednesday night weird. For drum ’n’ bass, deep house, drumstep, garage and jump-up filth, tune in to the radio rave. Tune in to Dirty Purple.



Tanya & Tess- T Time

Yo yo yo waddup. It's ya girls. The T dogs. Comin at u wiv some bare fresh beats off da streetz ready to light up da jungle (jungle is massif).
We got the metaphorical tea ready to stir up an edgi storm n brew a nice cuppa with these mad #jamz.

Hi, we're Tess and Tanya, studying Modern Languages and Economics! Tune in for a cute morning sesh of pop/indie day-starters, poor chat and (hopefully) interesting stories from some silly, silly freshers.


Throwback Thursday

All the forgotten classics from the 90's, 00's and the early 10's, everything from Avril to Aguilera, S4Gs to Smash Mouth, Kesha to Kasabian, Fall Out Boy to The Fratellis, Busted to Blink 182, Pink to Panic!, Gaga to Green Day, Winehouse to Wheatus.




Fleek FM

Hi, I'm Karanvir Singh aka 'Kaz'. By day, I'm a second year Physicist, by night I'm playing banger after banger. The same can be said for my friend and potential co-host Alpay Hassan (also a second year Physicist). Observing the lack of representation Hip-Hop, Rap and Grime has, we came up with the idea to use Purple Radio as a platform for promoting said genres. Simple.


Delicious Jones

After a quite frankly astounding inaugural year, Delicious Jones is back and bigger than ever. After losing a key member of the Deliciousness squad to a year abroad, specifically in the Caribbean, we are looking out for fresh talent this year because Delicious Jones needs a new co-host! Longtime listeners come back for the weird and wonderful goings-on, but with a different musical niche being explored every week, the real regulars come back for the best tunes this side of the atmosphere. Tune in, turn up, stay Delicious.


Speller Kebab Show

We are two third year students from Butler. I (Joe) am on the exec of Purple Radio, so hello whoever is reading this. We were thinking of doing a 90s themed show, playing half-retro music. We could also do some generic chat about the 90s, and maybe a feature like 'on this day in 1990s'. Also we were thinking about having a few guests on to discuss their favorite music from the 90s.



North meets South

Answering all your questions about the North South divide. Find out if two people from opposite ends can unite over music. Ben will play something from a musical and Emma will play a questionably good/bad cover of the Week. Prepare for the Weekend the right way. Wake up with Ben and Emma!


Teikyo Time


Chips and Gravy

Presenters: Jack Edwards and Will Bloor (Will is yet to sign up but will do ASAP)
Experience: I am currently signed to the BBC's talent roster and have presented a 7-part series for BBC Bitesize and have featured several times on BBC Radio One; both of us are confident individuals with qualifications in GCSE Drama and experience presenting or acting on stage; big music fans!
The Show: 'Chips and Gravy' will be an entertainment show featuring our favourite upcoming music, as well as the occasional cheesy classic (we intend to include a 'throwback' segment), as well as chatty discussions and stories! Will is from the North and I am from the South, so we thought it'd be fun to discuss the supposed 'North/South divide' and the different ways we do things. All we know is that we are united by a mutual love for chips and gravy! We also hope to have lots of audience participation and the occasional guest!


Back to the Future

Join Jack as he takes you through the best of what the 1980s and 90s had to offer (alternating each week). We'll have a mix of the preppy and the melancholy, as well as the singing-in-the-shower classics. Tune in to relax, sing along, celebrate the end of the week, and reminisce about how you were born just that little bit too late.


Hip-Hop Variety

Jazz rap, acid trap, conscious hip-hop and classic favourites. From Biggie and Hov to Kendrick and Cardi B.


DDJS Presents

Expect a new DJ from Durham's bursting electronic scene each week, as we travel through the sounds of house, techno, disco and beyond!


Sgt. Sergej's

Hi! I'm Sergej, a second-year cuth's philosophy student from Vienna. Besides literature and philosophy, music was always one of my greatest passions, which is why in my show, I want to share some of my favourite music with my listeners. My tastes are pretty varied from electronic to psychedelic rock and the artists I will play here range from Cream in the 1960's to contemporary artists like Tame Impala. In between songs I will the discuss artists and their music. So hope you tune in and enjoy!



Saturday Soundtracks

Join Henry, as you start your weekend, either pulling you from the dark chasms of your Saturday morning hangover or keeping you lively early morning risers going, as he takes you through the incredible soundtracks of some of the best films and television shows that have been released over the years. Expect a wide variety of wonderful music, whether it be the British 60s classics of Hot Fuzz, the relaxing acoustic tracks found in Parks and Recreation, or the genre defining homage to musical movies that is Baby Driver. Along with a daily Pause for Thought and the occasional literary aside thrown in, use this hour to either drag yourself from your bedcovers or keep your action-packed Saturday morning going!


The Dillon Show

Join Dillon for some early morning existentialism and surreal comedy that's sure to wake you up. There'll be fun facts, wit, and most to help you get through and make you feel like you haven't wasted your life.


The Big Lie In

Join Matt Calvert and Jess Lord for The Big Lie In, as they provide the soundtrack to your lazy weekend morning! They’ll be bringing you an anarchic magazine style show every Saturday morning, held together by popular music from across the decades and genres.

Tune in to hear Matt and Jess talk about the lighter side of the news in their weekly news review, and to join in with Matt’s attempt to answer some of his Big Questions. Jess will also deliver her weekly anecdote from the world of retail, in Tales from the Till, the feature where we want to hear your craziest stories from the world of work!

In hour 2 you can join in with our Kiddy disco, where Matt and Jess take you back to your childhood with a track fit for a 00s birthday party. A guest will also join our dynamic duo in hour 2 to take part in a weekly general knowledge quiz, with the questions set by Purple Radio’s Trivia titan: Matt Calvert.
Come along and join in the fun as we fill your morning with anarchic ch


Purple Music Show

The Purple Radio music team bring you a mix of the best new music. We go through our favourite tracks from the playlist over the past week, bring you interviews with the best upcoming artists and tell you all about what's going on in the local music scene this week!


Live Sessions

Purple Radio invites an upcoming music act to the studio to perform a Live Session! Acts play a few original tracks (with the occasional cover) split up by an brief interview. Previous Live Sessions are available on demand on the Purple Radio website! Just check out the 'Sessions' section at the top of the page.


Drive-By FM

This is a radio show based on our personalities as a duo. As such, we will include a lot of features such as 'Nick of the week', 'Anastasia of the week' and 'housemate of the week', with anecdotes such as when Nick tried to wipe off Eminem lyrics I had written on his possessions with Sharpie using WD40 (he read this online ("it was ehow" -Nick)), I tried to scan Tesco plants by turning them upside down and dumping soil over the checkout scanner, or when our housemate does literally anything.
The music theme will vary each week, not by genre but by theme - such as 'gaydio', songs that are memes, and songs we use to annoy each other.



Hello there! Welcome to another year in Durham. I'm your host, Helen, from St.Mary's College. This is a brand new edition of what I like to call #SayHelen. What is this? #Fiesta
Prepare yourself for an hour of cheesy chatter, international tunes and our very own Dr. of the Heart. Music ranging from Shakira to carnival and salsa. Don't forget to contact us and ask for your tune or some advise in matter of the heart...


Battle of the Boyfs

Calum Scott is a third year Law student from Grey College, a wannabe BNOC who has the misfortune of being romantically linked to finalist History student George Clay from JoBo. Despite their mutual appreciation of Strictly Come Dancing and an unquenchable thirst for gin, their strikingly different musical palettes does much to reaffirm the myth that opposites do indeed attract.

Calum’s penchant for musical theatre and 80s anthems contrasts with George’s often alternative taste and dedication to all things Beyonce. So how would these differences be reconciled in order to fit into one listenable radio show?

Each week, the two would pit their tastes against each other under one unifying theme (pre-drink anthems, songs to get over your ex, iconic movie soundtracks etc) and leave it to their listeners to decide who triumphed. Expect banter, shade-throwing, heated discussion and laughter as the two strive to settle once and for all which boyfriend has the superior music taste.


Behind the Counter

Join Hef and Ed as they take their place behind the counter of their theoretical record shop, recommending the best new releases and reissues. They’ll also take a dive into the bargain bin and introduce you to records that will soon become new favourites. Tune in and listen to them digging around in the crates to see what hidden gems they may find, playing music all over the spectrum from the deepest Jazz grooves to the newest House tracks.


In Phase

Just music and talk, requests where possible indie/alternative rock and the occasional pop punk piece. You're Saturday nights are set.


London Sounds

Hi I'm Charlie, a first year, looking to bring you the best drum & bass, electronic and grime tunes to come out of London. From dirty baselines to electronic classics I'll be bringing you some of the modern day iconic British sounds. This will be great to tune into if you're getting ready for night on the toon or just looking to chill and listen to some music.


Rock Hour

Tune in to enjoy an hour with the best rock bands of modern and classic times!



Loose Men

Wake up the morning after the night before to Sunday's Breakfast show as Bertie, Ollie and Niall introduce a dollop of irreverence to your lazy morning.

The Feel Good Fifteen playlist will pep you up and power you through the hangover while among other things your hosts offer an alternative examination of Durham's news, assess the true quality of staples of student life in 'Durham Reviewed', shed light on those celebrities you'd all but forgotten existed along with asking Collingwood student Huw Dalkin for his weekly dilemma in 'Would Huw Rather?'

Get involved, send us your opinions and let us take you on a journey filled with wisdom, knowledge and a whole heap of stupidity.


The President's Men

A show about films and current affairs by a Hungarian History Student inviting guests whenever it is possible.


The Jack Henry Show

Ever wondered how 'My Heart Will Go On' and 'Dancing Queen' could be linked? Listen in to the Jack Henry Show, where every song is linked in some way, shape or form to the song before it, and where pretty much anything and everything gets played (yes, even Katie Price butchering 'A Whole New World').


Sunday Roast

What does everyone love most about Sundays? A good roast. Well, your mum's or the college catering will soon have to take second place to this show; Dom and Gabby's Sunday Roast. Tune in to hear two silly fresh from Hatfield chatting nonsense and having a giggle to help ease the pain of looming Monday feels.


The Upbeat

A mixture of songs to make you smile


Keen on Kpop

Korean pop is rising in popularity around the world, an example being the boy group BTS (Beyond The Scene) winning a Billboard Music Award this year, but there are still many people who are unfamiliar with the genre. I'm Christy, a first year from Hatfield, and I'm hosting this radio show to give you a brief introduction on this hip-hop, dance-driven genre, and hopefully get you in a good mood using the catchy tunes of kpop for a Sunday night.


Before Dark

Tune in for your weekly dose of cheesy classics and 'wannabe' indie tunes!

Hey everyone, we're Mikaela and Charlotte - two second year students from Mary's. We have a huge collection of music tastes ranging from The XX to the Spice Girls and would love to give you listeners an insight into the random and hectic playlists of our minds.

We're two bubbly and enthusiastic girls so expect much chat and laughter alongside great music for this hour-long show!


Sam and Liam



The Hipster Life's Guide To The Galaxy.

It's not always easy being a hipster. This Sunday take a well deserved break and tuck into The Guide for tonnes of great songs from every nook and cranny of musical genre. Each week we'll try different themes, from perfect chill tunes to lyrical masterpieces. Meanwhile your host, Robbie Bell, will share tips on how to survive the common pitfalls of Indie life.


Purple Welfare