In The Loft

Every week Matt Calvert dusts off some of the forgotten favourites you'd likely find in your parent's CD or record collection up in the loft. Expect long players, oldies and a chilled vibe for your late week night!


Purple Kaleidoscope

After two years I'm back for one final series! I'm Stefano, an Aidan's finalist, join me on a journey through everything psychedelia. I'll be playing everything from Tame Impala to King Crimson, with plenty of obscure gems thrown in along the way. Requests are always welcome. Turn on, tune in, drop out with Purple Kaleidoscope.



Loose Men

Ollie, Niall and Bertie return for a final dose of entertainment for this year. Join the lads as they dissect the biggest news in Durham, answer your queries about life and play all the best music to boot. Regular features 'Drunk Film Reviews' and 'Would Huw Rather?' return along with the addition of a whole lot more.


Teikyo Time

Japanese students from the Teikyo University take over the airwaves for an hour and provide quality conversational content, with some music on the side too.


Good For The Soul

Good For The Soul is just that – a carefree jaunt through all things groovy to distract you from the daily grind.

Hosted by Toby Taylor, music writer and self-proclaimed disco fanatic, Good For The Soul features soothing selections from across the world – if it makes you feel good, chances are you’ll hear it here.
Tune in, kick back and find out that little bit more…



Join Lindsey and Anna for an hour of old and new tracks guaranteed to get you pumped for those inevitable all-night-summative/revision-sessions. Be prepared for quizzes, fun facts, and general chit-chat about the week's events. There will be a mix of RnB, Indie Rock, and Hip-Hop - something for everyone! So get out your work, grab a Red Bull, and let the tasty tunes commence...



The Cait & Lou Show

The man with the most eclectic range of music and the world's chattiest person combine to provide 2 golden hours of chat and choons.


The Bridge

Ed Bridge: The Bridge is a music show hosted by Ed Bridge, a second year Biologist with an interest in science, nature, film and music (obviously).The show aims to play a mixture of new and classic indie music as well as art rock, with a particular emphasis on psychedelic sounds. Also expect a fair amount of conversational ping pong between Ed, his co-host Joseph Battuello (an American) and a few guests.


The Periphery

join ler and ted for another round of gals with guitars, minimalist techno, sadboi slating and cher

some people call this a dream, we call it The Periphery™



T Time- Tanya & Tess

It's your silly silly freshers, back again for another term of good music and terrible banter. Tune in for all your fave regular segments like Animal vs Place, Andy's Quiz, Relatable Quotes and Two Truths One Lie, as well as the poorest chat you've ever heard. Start the day right with T Time!

Tanya and Tess are first year Castle students, studying Economics and Modern Languages (French and Spanish). Not really sure they know what they're doing, but defo worth tuning in to see (or hear) what happens!


Song & Three Cygnets

Need something to perk you up after a Wednesday night out? Three fresh Hild Beders, Milo, Amana and Inès promise to get you through your Thursday morning with an eclectic mix of groovy tunes, cracking jokes and questionable chat. We'll also have some guest interviews and special features to keep you on your toes.

Meet the presenters: Milo (Dizzee Dundas) - not to be confused with the chocolate powder, mixed lax legend, budding theologian and general sesh gremlin. Amana (Yung Marnz) - everyone's favourite pink puffa gal, liberal artist, once given the title of "best hair in Hild Bede", DU netball minus the DU. Loves Jesus. Inès (DJ Nez) - INEZ not enis, from “London” but actually Sevenoaks, never said no to a night out, a jokes gal through n through tbh with v strong eyebrow game.

Too easy.



Weekly News affair show looking back over the past week of all the main local, national and international news! As well as keeping you up to date with the current entertainment, sport, business, sci-tech and trending stories!


Sam and Guests

Back for a final term on Purple Radio, Sam is joined each week by a guest that will undoubtedly produce an hour of utter radio madness. The best in music, the best in chat and the very best in Durham student life all condensed into one hour on Purple Radio!


Through The Wireless

Ed brings you a mix of the best chilled out and funky Hip Hop and R&B, both old and new with a side of dance music.



ck babes

Continuing on from the show last term ck babes are back bringing sassy chat, groovy tunes and some future fem feels - tune in babes xxx


The Grime Show

Hosted by Hefin Rees Edwards, The Grime Show does what it says on the tin. Bringing you the best riddims and MC's from the genre. The only show guaranteed to make you go "BRAP BRAP BRAP"



Purple Radio's silliest drum 'n' bass show. Luke Maskell and Steph Sarratt bounce you into the weekend with the nation's hottest dnb, garage, and bassline tracks with some weird chat to match.



Saturday Soundtracks

As we head into a season of summer films and theatre galore, Henry Bird is back to bring you another series of Saturday Soundtracks! In a new extended segment, he’ll be taking you on a morning voyage around the very best film, television and theatre soundtracks out there today, guiding you through the great and the glorious in the world of the performing arts!
To round off your busy week, there'll be a look back at the events that defined the past few days, special guest interviews, a look at the latest on the Durham drama scene and whether you’re an early riser or a night owl, the weekly Thought for the Day is something that just allows a little moment for reflection, before getting back to the business of unwrapping the musical delights that the stage and screen has to offer!


The Big Lie In

Join Matt Calvert for The Big Lie In, as he provides the soundtrack to your lazy weekend morning! Every week Matt will bring you an anarchic magazine style show, held together by popular music from across the decades and genres.

Throughout the show Matt will be joined by some regular faces and recurring characters. In Hour One you’ll find light hearted film and news reviews, followed by silly games and Finalist nostalgia in Hour Two.

It’s time for one last series of radio from Matt- and it’s set to be a corker!



Welcome to #SayHelen! My name is Helen as you may of noticed...I'm a politics and history student at Mary's and I do love a good chat and some cheesy tunes. You can expect a range of guests to be interviewed as well as tunes from around the globe. From Shakira to Madonna, a show that will make your time in the billy b bright again, and transport you to a fiesta of music and fun! Tune in to find out...


Drive-By FM

Nick and Anastasia invite you 2 keep it real with Drive-By FM! Blasting out fat beats and hilarious stories from the mean streets of Durham, this show is everything you need to keep tha peace on the weekend. With a fresh genre of music every week and your favourite regular features (Sweet Boy, Anastasia's Crimes Against Humanity, Nick's Story Time, Chuian of the Week and more) what more could you want from two students trying to make it out the Durham ghetto? Tune in for one massive massive.


In Phase

Back for a third term In Phase is back with more music talk in triviality.
we'll be having guests and band sharing their music and favourite songs to get your Saturday night started.



The Sunday Sync

The Sunday Sync returns. Horns and whistles are swapped for womps and gaps in all the right places as DIRTY PURPLE drum 'n' bass DJ Luke Maskell takes the vibe down a notch for chilled bass and chat.


The President's Men

A show about culture and current affairs with Ábel Bede and his guests


Behind the Counter

Join Ed and Hef in their theoretical record shop as they serve up a selection of musical treats every weekend - covering everything from the freshest House 12” to some of the best new LPs and reissues from across the music spectrum. Tune in to hear what will undoubtedly become your new favourite records as the team dig through their crates to bring you the finest tracks both new and old.


Battle of the Boys

Battle of the Boys - Episode III: Return of the Queers.

All good things must come to an end, and we invite our listeners to join us for the Last Crusade as we compete throughout final term to crown who has the superior music taste. Who will Die Hard with a Vengeance? Who will win the Infinity War? Who will actually manage to pass their exams and graduate? The third part of any series requires a big budget, an excellent soundtrack and an intense battle sequence. While we can't promise the first, the latter two are guaranteed. Join Calum and George to get your weekly dose of #gaydio, questionable chat and a variety of tunes. Unconvinced? Here is just some of the feedback we have received.

Hillary Clinton: An excellent show, it's really made losing the election so much more bearable.

Beyonce: They put my showmanship to shame.

Calum's mum: Love it darling xx Keep up the good work!! xx