Purple Radio's Chart Show

Join the Purple Radio music team for an hour as they bring you all the newest pop records on the 'Purple Radio Chart Show'!


3 Musketeers of Media

Freshers Ella, Will and Navya are fresh out of presenting Purple's Christmas Hour and ready to start their weekly show. Each week, we'll be bringing you news and opinions from our run-ins with the media. Banter and trivia from the most high brow literature to the most low brow trends on social media. Whether its a discussing an artist's new album, recommending our favourite podcasts or debating whether a film is a cinematic triumph or as trashy as the music in Klute, the 'Three Musketeers of Media' have got you covered.

All for one and one for all!


Phil Normand

Join Phil, a second year music student, as he assesses the revolutionary and important song from a large range of musical genres. Hear about the stories and facts behind some of histories most influential songs.


Dating 101

Yes, you read it correctly! What a better way to start your week? Whether you are single, in a relationship or looking for the one, then this is the right radio show for you. Tune in and take part in the discussion!



Mimazine on Air

Each week Mimi will host a special guest to discuss a different topic of 'adult life'. Everything from sleep, food and loving the ‘Grandma life’ to living in the Durham bubble and the important of sustainable fashion. Varying questions but ALWAYS entertaining with some chilled, feel good music on the side. A quick fire round and listener Q&A to finish. Make sure to tune in for this one!


Movies and Martins

They're both movie fans. They're both finalists. They both do English (Okay one does Philosophy too but we'll let him off). And most importantly, they're both called Martin. Tune in for your weekly fix of movie news, reviews and trailer chat.


Harry Gilbey

Tune in for two hours of top class entertainment.
First hour includes chat with some gorgeous Hatfield people and then for the second hour special broadcaster Gourley enters the studio and takes over the airwaves.



Timeline focuses on a different theme each week - expect discussions about the songs you'll head and join the hosts as they take you through why they are important in global history


High Quality Trash

Back for a second term, higher quality and more trashy than ever.
You're not gonna want to miss this show!


Albums of the Week

Join Lloyd, a history fresher. Lloyd will listen to three albums he's never heard before and will discuss his interpretations live on air: come and broaden your musical knowledge with him!



Outdated with Megan

Megan Titterington is a first year studying Ancient History.Her show focuses on subjects throughout history and how the views of the past are still very relevant today.


durham rogue

This show focuses on the small niche, untold Durham stories: whether it be a small act of kindness or funny story about student housing.


Robert Leech-Gerrard

Each week, Rob shares his favourite Indie music, alongside new tracks from lesser-known artists. He'll also keep you up to date with what's going on in the world, as well as giving you his take on life in Durham.




Join Milo Dundas, on his morning radio show MD-AM.

Each week different guests will appear in the studio for a mix of big tunes, some special features and the rest of the time being filled with some entertaining, and no doubt quite niche, chat covering a plethora of different topics.


Natalie Up North!

Natalie is a first year Geography student from Hong Kong. As an international student, Durham to her is a new place to explore; where she learns to adapt to the new culture, places and people. In her free time, she talks a lot so she might as well make talking productive! She loves listening to Cantonese, Korean and Mandarin songs so tune in to listen to music from all around the world. Hopefully, it'll brighten your day by listening to the happy little things she talks about on her show!


Paulina & Alys

Join Paulina and Alys for a relaxing two hours. They're here for a good time AND a long time!
There will be a wide variety of music as chosen by two polar opposites. Tune in for discussion and weekly stories about embarrassing encounters. Message in and Paulina and Alys will even take your content suggestions!



Weekly News affair show looking back over the past week of all the main local, national and international news! As well as keeping you up to date with the current entertainment, sport, business, sci-tech and trending stories!


Will Plays Tunes

Journeying through the old, the new, and the timeless - join Will for an hour of delectable funk, soul, and fusion tunes from all corners of the globe. From Brazil to Ethiopia; Indonesia to the US of A, no record is too far and no track is overlooked.


Delicious Jones

Close your eyes & open you ears. (Half of) Delicious Jones is back for your listening pleasure.

Selecting the finest tunes from the worlds of House, Techno & Disco, tune in & add some spice to your soirée.

Plus, embrace the strange as we bring back such features as 'Rockbusters', 'Phone Swap' and the award-winning 'Isolated Mountain CDs'.

"It's like the lovechild of Carl Cox and Karl Pilkington." - Fergus Neville



Factor 50

Join Ed Chambers, back for another term, with the show that’s got more suncream than sense to bring the curtain down on another week in Durham. In the week’s twilight, Ed looks back with chat, impressions and guests, who vie to take home the coveted Boots travel size Factor 50 bottle, and wind up for the weekend with an eclectic taste of music and requests to get you in the mood to dance the night away.



Max and Mim bringing the finest in electronic music alongside special guests every Friday


Indie Hour

Indie Hour brings an hour a week of the hottest indie tunes from all decades. Host will take any requests of your favourite tunes whilst also introducing new artists you may not have heard of.


Time to Brew

Want to get more out of living in Durham and the North East? Want to hear exciting guests chat about what's passionate to them? Want to listen to discussions about current issues like gender equality and mental health? Then have a cuppa with Kate and George every Tuesday. Mixed with the vibiest of RnB, rap and hip hop tunes, it's time to brew...



Live Sessions

Broadcasting live from the Purple Radio studio every Saturday morning, the music team presents: Live Sessions. Expect top quality live music performances from a range of Durham's highest quality acts. From College bar bands and local performers to Jazz groups and Choirs ensembles - Purple Radio has you covered live from the SU.


Ábel Bede

A show about culture and current affairs with Ábel Bede and his guests


Luca Pittalis

Luca Pittalis is a first-year Biologist and filmmaker. Join him for interviews, live sessions with Durham's hidden artists and tracks from pop and alternative genres.


Violet Vacation

Cameron Ashplant hosts this new show... that's more than just about the travel. This season Cameron will take us on a visit to Italy, Vatican, Greece, Tunisia, Sweden, Germany, Iceland, Norway. Make sure to tune in for the special episode that will transport you to Hungary, Austria, Czechia and Slovakia, as well as Tonga and France with guest star producer Y who will release a new track especially for the special show! This season will take you on thrilling and more exiting adventures whilst keeping up with the 'Left out' news, not heard about through western media. Make sure to tune in for a quick holiday, learn about the cultures and history... And take a trip round the world, as it is today.


Saturday Goalzone

Listen to the Purple Radio sport team provide updates on the second-halves of all the big football matches happening up and down the country on a Saturday afternoon.

Plus, they'll be an immediate reaction at the conclusion of the games and sum-up what the results mean for all the tables in the football league.


Drive-By FM

Join Nick and Anastasia for the second season of Drive-By FM! Bringin’ you the sound of the Durham Ghetto and a new musical theme each week, rangin' from Rap to Gaydio, Boy Bands to Pop Divas!
Featuring the return of beloved features such as ‘Nick’s Storytime’ and ‘Anastasia’s Crimes Against Humanity’ as well as many new surprises! Who knows, we may even have a special guest or two! So join us live every Saturday from 5pm-6pm! Booyakasha!


M25 Revisited

Charlie Cavalla, a 2nd year from Grey, delivers your fix of folk and alt-rock music from either side of the Atlantic. Tune in for a combination of good tunes and discussion on the difference between American and British music.


In Phase

The indie altrock outpost show returns for a third year running. with the signature combination of music and talk with guests from Durhams own local talent.


Four Guys and a Mic

A variety show wherein Adians students discuss topical issues of the week and events in Durham, taking a light hearted and laid back approach to the issues at hand, as well as playing games and unravelling thought experiments against a background of alternative rock and James Blunt.



James Burton

Born in the wrong decade with James Burton offers a variety of 60s, 70s and 80s tunes to pass the time with, in addition to a generally light-hearted discussion of the music and the occasional guest. A differing theme for every week as well as the scintilatingly original long song and live song in the show. James is from St Chad's College and looks forward to bringing Purple Radio another term of classic music



Sportsfeed is Purple Radio's flagship sports programme and is your home for local, national and international sport.

Every week the team discusses the latest goings-on in the sporting scene in Durham, including both college and university sport before we move onto the big issues in the national and international world of sport.

ALSO: exclusive interviews with captain's and representatives of Durham's biggest and most successful sports teams.


Lucy Heenan

Tune in for great craic and good music broken up with anecdotal embarrassing moments and perceptions on life from a second-year law student!