Sharpie Parks The Bus

Ben Sharp

I'm a first year studying Combined Honours in Social Sciences. I have a keen interest in all sports particularly football but also a wide range of sports. My co-host and i will focus on debating football as our main sport as we both are equally interested in it. However my role also will be to discuss events occurring in other sports which i follow deeply, for example golf and American football. Additionally both of us follow big boxing and UFC events which we would also be able to debate on air.

Louis Higham

I am a second year studying natural science. As highlighted above i would debate with Ben about the weekends footballing events and any upcoming fights. In addition to this my role would be to talk about any new albums that have dropped recently and play any stand out songs between our debates. Ben and I are also interested in discussing college sports events and would report on scores and upsets following the weekend.


Teikyo Time

Japanese students from the Teikyo University take over the airwaves for an hour and provide quality conversational content, with some music on the side too



There are three presenters in this show. Myself and two friends will be exploring revolutionary music, with each episode focussing on a specific era of music e.g. afropop where we listen to music by people like miriam mikebe and discuss the meaning behind their songs. Myself, Ruby Ellis and Emily George are all second year Hildbede and all love afrobeats, soul and funk and have replied there are deeper meanings behind the songs such as anti-racism and antigovernment and therefore want to share some of the lesser known music with everyone, while also letting people know the amazing stories behind them.





Weekly News affair show looking back over the past week of all the main local, national and international news! As well as keeping you up to date with the current entertainment, sport, business, sci-tech and trending stories!




Ábel Bede

Discussion show about Culture and Current Affairs with Ábel Bede and his guests


Settling the Score

I'm Antonia, a first year music student with a passion for desserts, reading and (most importantly) film music, hence:

Settling the Score is about bringing what is, by its nature, a background element into the foreground. By exploring a film's soundtrack - whether it is that of a blockbuster, a small indie film or something in between - we can deepen our understanding of the film, its characters and its messages. Also, some of the cues are BANGERS.


Cameron Ashplant

Did you get matriculated last night? Feel rejuvenated with fresh tunes and classic bangers littered amongst the opportunity to travel the world through the words of the Guernsey grumble. Join us every Saturday with new guests and talents as you durhamurites embark on a potentially comedic, yet educational adventure that's just what you need post Mattric. For a short break in your day of study be sure to tune in!


Drive-By FM

Join Nick and Anastasia for the second season of Drive-By FM! Bringin’ you the sound of the Durham Ghetto and also whatever style of music we feel like playin’ that week. Featuring the return of beloved features such as ‘Nick’s Storytime’ and ‘Anastasia’s Crimes Against Humanity’ as well as many new surprises! Who knows, we may even have a special guest or two! So join us live every Saturday from 5pm-6pm! Booyakasha!



Bertie & Emma

Join Bertie & Emma for your weekly escape from the trials and tribulations of university life for two hours of the best music and all round irreverent nonsense. Every Sunday we'll be offering up a heady dose of scatty chat centred around your daily experiences along with a host of regular features including Em Clew's Good News and Would Huw Rather. See you then, it'll be a good one.