Movies and Martins

They both love films. They're both finalist. They both study English (okay, one studies philosophy too but we'll let him off), but most importantly, they're both called Martin. Tune in every week for a round-up of some of the latest news, reviews and trailer chat!


Harry Gilbey

Tune in for two hours of chatting about rubbish!.
First hour includes chat with some gorgeous Hatfield people and then for the second hour special broadcaster Gourley enters the studio and takes over the airwaves.


Dating 101

Yes, you read it correctly! What a better way to start your week? Whether you are single, in a relationship or looking for the one, then this is the right radio show for you. Tune in and take part in the discussion!


Teikyo Time

Join Japanese students from Teikyo University as they take over the air waves for an hour. Expect awesome music and discussion of Japanese culture.



A guest-heavy show focusing on playing ambient, down-tempo electro tracks
from vinyl!



Rob & Maciej

Maciej is a first year Politics student. Rob is a first year English student. Both from Cuths!
Join us for a golden hour of entertainment this summer term as we attempt to make your revision a little bit more bareable!


Albums Of The Week

Lloyd Bolton presents three albums he has been listening to over the previous week. He plays a few songs from each album and some related tracks. Expect to hear a mix of genres from week to week depending on the theme.



Natalie Up North!

Natalie is a first year Geography student from Hong Kong. As an international student, Durham to her is a new place to explore where she learns to adapt to the new culture, places and people. In her free time, she talks a lot so she might as well make talking productive! She loves listening to Cantonese, Korean and Mandarin songs so tune in to listen to music from all around the world. Hopefully, it’ll brighten your day by listening to the happy little things she talks about on her show!



Weekly News affair show looking back over the past week of all the main local, national and international news! As well as keeping you up to date with the current entertainment, sport, business, sci-tech and trending stories!




Funk in the streets, industrial techno in the sheets


Time to Brew

The perfect way to start your Friday evening, tune in to hear George and Kate have a chat and discuss important issues whilst getting you ready to go out with vibiest of RnB, rap and hip hop tunes. It's Time to Brew.



Bertie & Emma

Let Bertie and Emma wake you up on a Saturday morning. All the usual laughs and chart bangers as well as the All Requests Half Hour to power you through summer revision.


Live Sessions

Broadcasting live from the Purple Radio studio every Saturday morning, the music team presents: Live Sessions. Expect top quality live music performances from a range of Durham's highest quality acts. From College bar bands and local performers to Jazz groups and Choirs ensembles - Purple Radio has you covered live from the SU.


The Helen Paton show

The show is back to spice up your exam season! Feeling tired? Need some motivation? With new guests every week, great chat and tunes out of this’d be silly to miss it!


Maire McGovern

Maire is a first year theology student in film society and is putting on a show centralised around film music and soundtracks.
Including music from different genres, as well as discussions of different film trivia about current and older cinema, actors and directors, Maire has weekly guests come on to talk about their favourite films in a desert island disk style.



Videotape is in its first season and is presented by Luca Pittalis - a first-year Biologist and filmmaker. His weekly show every Saturday brings live sessions from Durham's hidden artists, interviews and discussions, along with music from alternative genres.

Expect: Radiohead, Future Islands; and then a bunch of artists you wished you'd found earlier.

Guaranteed chat: Christopher Nolan, Christopher Nolan movies, Tom Yorke, David Attenborough, Hans Zimmer and finally, the Dark Knight trilogy by Christopher Nolan.


Saturday Goalzone

Listen to the Purple Radio sport team provide updates on the second-halves of all the big football matches happening up and down the country on a Saturday afternoon.

Plus, they'll be an immediate reaction at the conclusion of the games and sum-up what the results mean for all the tables in the football league.


Cameron Ashplant Show

Travel around the world whilst hearing all the news left out of mainstream media.



Ábel Bede

Ábel Bede discusses culture and current affairs with his guests



Sportsfeed is Purple Radio's flagship sports programme and is your home for local, national and international sport.

Every week the team discusses the latest goings-on in the sporting scene in Durham, including both college and university sport before we move onto the big issues in the national and international world of sport.

ALSO: exclusive interviews with captain's and representatives of Durham's biggest and most successful sports teams.