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Purple Radio is off air for the Christmas holiday.
Broadcasting will resume in Epiphany. Merry Christmas!


It's not just the shows! Behind the scenes at Purple Radio, a number of teams are diligently beavering away...

As well as the shows on Purple Radio, a number of teams are in place to run essential parts of Purple Radio! By joining, you can be part of as many of these teams as you wish!

Production Team
Contact the Head Producer for more information

The Production Team is a group of people who individually produce various shows across the Purple Radio schedule. They meet together for training and to share ideas, before they work behind the scenes on a show. The producer's role is to contribute ideas for features, give shows structure, and bring the best out of the on-air presenters.

Music Playlist Team
Contact the Head of Music for more information

The Music Team is responsible for finding the best new music, all the way from established international bands to the newest local music. Each week, the Music Team gets together and discuss what they think should be broadcast on Purple Radio.

Music Blog Team
Contact the Head of Music for more information

The Music Blog Team is responsible for writing reviews for our website. They go to local (and not so local) gigs, and listen to the latest music to produce great articles.

Video Production Team
Contact the Head Video Producer for more information

The Video Production Team brings a visual element to the Purple experience. It is on hand to film events and features, and produce amazing content for the Purple Radio YouTube channel.

News Team
Contact the Head of News and Sport for more information

The News Team ensures that Purple Radio's daily news bulletins are filled with everything going on in Durham and around the world. From the day's revelations in global politics to student opinion polls on their favourite TV shows, the News Team covers a broad spectrum of subjects and scopes. The News Team also contributes to the weekly news shows on Purple Radio, either presenting, writing content or conducting interviews.

Imaging Team
Contact the Head of Imaging for more information

The Imaging Team is in charge of making the station sound professional and deliver elements of audio for DJs to use during their show. Using professional audio tools, the Imaging Team takes audio samples from wherever they can to deliver jingles, beds and sound effects that make the station sound good!

Promotions Team
Contact the Head of Advertising or the Head of Marketing for more information

Arguably the most enthusiastic team of the lot, the Promotions Team aids the Head of Advertising and Head of Marketing in their roles, from designing posters and flyers to organising events and sponsorship deals with local businesses. Advertising and Marketing is always a high priority for the exec; with established connections (and working on forming new ones), the Promotions Team make sure everyone knows and loves Purple Radio.

Tech Team
Contact the Head of Technical Services for more information

A system that broadcasts live 24/7 doesn't run itself. The Tech Team is responsible for making sure everything is running smoothly, as well as building new gadgets and gizmos to make the lives of all Purple Radio members a little easier. Get involved no matter what experience you have, as the technical tasks range from keeping the website fresh and exciting to improving the sound quality of the station's output.

Monitoring Team
Contact the Head of Broadcasting Standards for more information

The Monitoring Team ensures the quality of Purple Radio is held up by listening throughout the day and making sure DJs are abiding by the rules set down by Ofcom and Purple Radio itself. The team also decides which shows are nominated for Show of the Week.

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