Year Abroad Podcasts

Going on a Year Abroad? Tell the world!

Welcome to Purple Radio’s home for YEAR ABROAD PODCASTS! This brand new series will be bringing you:

… Stay tuned for all of this to come!


AND, if you are interested in taking part it could not be easier!!



Are you A MEMBER OF PURPLE RADIO? If you are not yet, don’t worry – you can buy a special membership for people on year abroad, which is ONLY £10

. With this membership you will be able to create and be part of as many podcasts as you like, as well as any other aspects of the radio that might interest you.

If you have any questions about opportunities available, contact:


Yay! You are a member! The next step is to CONTACT Emily, our Head of Production to express you interested, we would love to have you! Email:


Now TIME TO RECORD! And this could not be easier, simply: record, send and listen!

Record your podcast on your phone or any similar device, and send it to: where it can be edited and published!


IF you are still not convinced, here are some reasons we have come up with as to why this series is great to get involved in!:

and last but not least…


We really hope this series can help to inform and inspire people to take the opportunity of a Year Abroad if possible – and if not, we hope we can share some interesting stories from around the world and take our Purple Radio family international!


Rosie, Flora & Emily (Year Abroad Podcast Team) xxx



French & German, St Aidan’s: Blog Coordinator at Purple Radio


Sociology, Hild Bede (Year Abroad in Canada!): Head of Advertising at Purple Radio


Spanish & History, Castle: Head of Production at Purple Radio